Invitations or how to organize a birthday?

1 birthday invitation

Few things give me such pleasure as DIY projects, especially if they relate to my loved ones. That's why I decided to design invitations for 1 Mikołaj's birthday.

I am not a graphic designer, but I know basic graphic program support. I can't draw, however, so I sometimes use ready-made elements when creating graphic designs.

I had all the information I needed to design the invitations: the date and time of the party, the list of guests and the theme of the party, i.e. Safari, which you can read about here.

Before I joined the project, I knew that I would need drawings of animals. Since I can't draw them myself, I decided to buy them. Numerous sites selling graphics came to my aid.


safari invitation birthday DIY design printable


And here is the finished invitation design:

Safari Birthday Invitation DIY Printable Design

If you like our invitation to Santa's 1 birthday, you can use it at your party, all you need is it download, complete and print from home.

Finally, I have a surprise for you - in the comments, leave ideas for the theme of children's parties, from your suggestions I will choose at least one and make a second invitation template for you to download and print yourself.

Meanwhile, I am going to finish printing our invitations, addressing the envelopes so that they reach the post office today, because I hope that they will reach all our guests on Friday. And then I will start completing the birthday menu. You can read about what we will serve our guests in the next post in the birthday series. But it's after my birthday - I can't reveal everything before the Big Day 😉

safari birthday invitation

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  • Kasia

    Good morning
    Sorry, the file could not be opened. Can I ask for help?

  • Magdalena

    Very nice invitation, but I can't open it

  • Helena

    Agnieszka, I was happy to come back to your older post and on the occasion of my son's 2 birthday, I wanted to use print invitations. Unfortunately, I also do not want to get married.

  • Sacramento

    Invitations for the first birthday, or "one year old", should reflect the gender and character of the baby. We will choose a different color and style for a girl, another for a boy. It is important that everything is joyful and expresses the importance of the celebration 🙂

  • Kamila

    Ideal! This is what I needed to organize a year in safaria style and all I missed was invitations. Thank you ❤️

  • Marta

    Hello, can I have my invitations re-added? Unfortunately, in Word it does not go to open ...

  • 04.07.2018

    Great design and great invitations! Well done 🙂

  • Monika

    Cute invitations, we will probably also have safari here. Could you insert the invitations again? Unfortunately, but the word won't open them 🙁

    • Marta Marta

      In what program can you open the invitation?

  • Dominika Olesiejuk

    we are crazy about dogs…. I don't know how to figure it out ...

    • 10.10.2015

      You can put dog figures on the cake, buy stamps in the dog's feet and make decorations on a paper tablecloth. Print a 'canine' style banner for hanging. Puppy balloons are also available. Or plain color matching the rest. There are also many ready-made decorations with Dalmatians.

  • 14.09.2015

    Beautiful invitations.

  • Jutka

    And I have a big problem because I do not notice any particular interest in any subject in my son. He is interested in everything (dogs, cables and lights, pebbles) and nothing at the same time from which you can make a theme. I don't think I'm an observer?

    • 12.09.2015

      Wow, seriously! I forbid you to think like that! In addition to the tiger Miki is also interested in everything, and cables are the most! And the door! She cries when some are closed and can't wave them left and right 😉 maybe just pick some cool colors? Or initial? Does he have some cuddly toys for the night? What do you play most often? Or the book you most often read to him?

    • Jutka

      You know, you drew my attention to the fact that he reacts vividly to his blanket and bedding in cars, and recently he focuses heavily on one book - the one about vehicles. All these elements are red and blue and ... maybe this is my direction? :) thank you for support and guidance! and a hundred years for Miki and a successful first birthday party for all your troika :)

  • Justyna Andrusyszyn

    Our first birthday is also approaching. Corcia loves songs from fairy tales, so our theme will be fairy-tale characters;)

    • 12.09.2015

      Songs are also a hit here! But imagine in English only

    • Justyna Andrusyszyn

      Oooo, so in every language with us it's important that the songs are pictures and that it moves 😉