Invitations or how to organize a birthday?

1 birthday invitation

Few things give me such pleasure as DIY projects, especially if they relate to my loved ones. That's why I decided to design invitations for 1 Mikołaj's birthday.

I am not a graphic designer, but I know basic graphic program support. I can't draw, however, so I sometimes use ready-made elements when creating graphic designs.

I had all the information I needed to design the invitations: the date and time of the party, the list of guests and the theme of the party, i.e. Safari, which you can read about here.

Before I joined the project, I knew that I would need drawings of animals. Since I can't draw them myself, I decided to buy them. Numerous sites selling graphics came to my aid.


safari invitation birthday DIY design printable


And here is the finished invitation design:

Safari Birthday Invitation DIY Printable Design

If you like our invitation to Santa's 1 birthday, you can use it at your party, all you need is it download, complete and print from home.

Finally, I have a surprise for you - in the comments, leave ideas for the theme of children's parties, from your suggestions I will choose at least one and make a second invitation template for you to download and print yourself.

Meanwhile, I am going to finish printing our invitations, addressing the envelopes so that they reach the post office today, because I hope that they will reach all our guests on Friday. And then I will start completing the birthday menu. You can read about what we will serve our guests in the next post in the birthday series. But it's after my birthday - I can't reveal everything before the Big Day 😉

safari birthday invitation

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