Santa's sea children's room - scene # 1

We laugh that Mikusia's room was marked by the sea climate after last year's flooding, in which it suffered and was practically furnished from scratch. Do you know that we live by the sea? We can even see them from the windows of our house - on the second floor, but still enjoyable. That is why we decided to invite the sea climate so close to our hearts to the Santa's children's room.


The fact that The favorite and only plush toy that Mikuś accepted to sleep for longer was the whale, so we can say that we created a home for him.



Inviting a child to decorate his space together develops his imagination enormously - Santa loves to combine colors, experiment with decorations, help with all the work, from wallpapering to taking photos. And above all, fairy tales love the VOD program "Nasz Nowy Dom". Mikołaj dreamed of a sailboat, a canopy and a table for playing and painting with paints.


Color palette

Designing every room I start by setting the color palette - thanks to this, I do not make any shopping mistakes. It is also a brilliant way to save money!


He was the color palette for me this whale poster. Until now, I knew such posters very well because of inspiration on Pinterest, fortunately the company has been this year Pattern has opened an online store in Poland with frames and posters and I could easily order them straight home. I decided on ready posters in frames as well as an empty picture frame. I liked the accent of the wooden camera so much that  I also invited natural wood to the color palette.



I also have for you discount code "AGNIESZKAKUDELA" with which you will get a 30% discount on posters * in Desenio, important until the end of Thursday 29 August 2019 - be sure to check out my favorite section with ready wall galleries and observe @desenio on Instagram for more poster inspirations!

* Excluding frames and posters from the Handpicked / Collaborations category


Choosing each subsequent thing for the room, I looked at the picture of the poster on the phone and already saw if it fits or not.



I dreamed of white wallpaper with an interesting geometric pattern, but I didn't find one in Polish stores, so he designed and printed it especially for us Bimago - online store with products for wall decoration. If you only think about a wallpaper pattern, and you don't even know where to start looking for it - be sure to write to them.


Wallpaper production was child's play - I chose an illustrative pattern that the graphic designer designed for me in several sizes - I printed it in a 1: 1 scale on a home printer, put it on the wall and I had the pattern selected. We did the same with the color - I sent them the colors from my color palette - from gray, through mint, turquoise, to muted turquoise - I received the files to be printed on a home printer and we had the selected color. After a few days, the wallpapers with glue and all necessary wallpapering accessories were already at home.


Today I have a 25% discount for you on the entire assortment of the Bimago shop with the code "ak25" valid from August 29.08 to September 03.09 - not only wallpapers, but many more ideas for wall decoration!



From the age of two, Mikołaj slept in a cot with the side removed, from which he moved to the guest room himself six months later, because it was too cramped for him. The large bed in the guest room gave us new possibilities - evening reading lying on the bed as three of us entered our rituals list.


That's why in conversations about a new, own bed, Mikołaj did not want to hear about the single bedand I, in turn, did not want to clutter the space of his room with such a large piece of furniture. On the other hand, I also wanted an additional sleeping area - when I was a child and I was sick, my mother always slept with me - I remember how she looked after me at night, so we were looking for a fold-out bed, but one that did not need to be put into bed.


We were looking for whole collections of children's furniture with such beds, but it turned out to be the best choice for us fold-out couch, changing into double, double bed 160 cmwhich is perfect if the boys would like to sleep together in the future. You can easily arrange it into a nice sofa, lining it with pillows. It is also wonderful now that my mother visited us after the surgery. I was able to give her our comfortable bedroom, and the three of us sleep at Mikuś.



That the couch also refers to nature, I changed her black handles to leather.



Due to the fact that we have patterned wallpaper, we focused on a smooth, gray bedding - to diversify the texture, we chose such a frill trimmed, made of satin cotton - it is beautiful and pleasant to the touch. Due to the fact that we will not hide the sheets during the day, it ended up on the bed gray cope with beautiful quilting - as well as bedding we made it for us Diana, brave Mother of three boys, who runs the company Mom can - be sure to see what beautiful things he sews - practical and decorative.


And additionally, until August 31, 2019, Diana and Diana have prepared a 15% discount for the entire range in the Mama Potrafi store for you for the slogan: "AgnieszkaKudela".


We diversified the bed colorful pillows: navy blue, rectangular with tassels, yellow star-shaped and our favorite - hand embroidered rainbow with yellow tassel. Yellow accents perfectly warm this place without dominating it with its color.




Who among us did not like to play base? Santa noticed canopyand I was screaming with delight, because I always dreamed about it myself. The canopy hung above the bed, where the boys go crazy hiding inside. When Santa moved into the guest room, he learned to fall asleep with the gentle turned on light with cotton balls. We bought our garland some 8 years ago for the gray-pink bedroom, so I now sold only a few balls in the same store to replace the old pink (I missed one) and hung them over the bed. But we have now romantic!


The canopy also comes from the Mama Potrafi store and you can buy one or many other beautiful colors with a 15% discount on the slogan: "AgnieszkaKudela".




To give the decorations a three-dimensional effect, I hung above the bed color-matched to other textiles garland. I envy Mikusi myself!



Chest of drawers and wardrobe

Ta wardrobe she has been with us for over 5 years and will stay here for now, although I am already planning a place for her in the attic to put a lighter piece of furniture here, but today I decided to a chest of drawers on wooden legs, which is not only a great place to store, but also a decoration for a children's room - and I was able to introduce wooden accessories in this way.



It hung over the dresser shelf for the setand a sailboat stood on it - beyond the reach of 2-year-old Maks, who has a good taste for it, but Mikołaj plays with it when his younger brother goes to sleep. I wouldn't risk it either!


She also stood on the shelf oak frame with a photo of Mikuś as he had several days.




It hung next to the wardrobe wooden whale-shaped hanger - just in time to hang up clothes that will be suitable for the next day. There was also a chair here, which in the room was next to a small desk before it was flooded.




Since we already have such a beautiful commode, we decorated it with another one dolphin poster  - another dolphin i two polar bears, once in white, once in an oak frame, appeared on the wall next to the window, conquering the sea climate. He's lying on the floor Round braided jute rug with a print. We also set it on the dresser wooden toys - our hits of recent months.




When ordering them some time ago I already had in my mind the color palette of the room, so they are not only toys, but also beautiful decorations.


The following hits are from the store Tublu - and by the end of August you will receive a 15% discount on the entire offer on the slogan "ROOM"


The boys love to make coffee for me every morning - really! There is a line to serve the beautiful pastel and wood coffee maker. The coffee machine has capsules, two cups, a flask - what a fairy tale!



Last two years Nicholas was a fan of the alphabet, now he is a fan of numbers, so it works perfectly with us an abacus that encourages children to solve problems. It has two double-sided boards with simple tasks to do - math and pattern making.



It is also a hit wooden rainbow in beautiful colors, which is a well-known Montessorian aid - the number of ideas for using it in play continues to delight me. Today it was a car track.



Table and chairs

In the previous room, Mikuś had a desk. As a new mother, I did not foresee (greetings you Madzia) that the desk is great to play alone, but with a brother or colleague it will be perfect round table i taboreciki - we are still waiting for the next two in different colors, but Maks doesn't seem to care about it yet, at least he can get away faster if Santa gets something wrong. Their small size and round shape make them ideally fit into every corner of even a small room - exactly where children need them most for creative play at the moment. The table and stools are also from the store Tublu and for them (as well as for the entire offer) you will also receive -15% discount for the password "ROOM"  : )




This radiator is my bane, it should not be in this place at all - the corner opposite the room entrance always focuses our eyesAnd, let's agree, this radiator is the least attractive equipment in our children's room. The truth is, I forgot to change his place on the plans when our private was being built.


If the radiator wasn't there, there would be a bed there - perfectly in front of the entrance, with this beautiful bedding it would fit perfectly. But, unfortunately, Wojtek, who agrees to almost all renovation and interior design revolutions, said firmly not to move the radiator onto the wall with a window. After last year's flooding of our house with a leaky installation, I am not entirely surprised. I accepted his veto with less than greater humility and I plan to arrange a desk here one day that will mask him perfectly.


I am thinking temporarily building radiator. Only the school (desk) will be next year, so I won't decide. For now we sometimes let him sit on it octopus pretending he isn't there at all.




There was a swing in Mikołaj's room - we chose it Brazilian jeans hammock chairwhich allows us to swing very comfortably also the three of us - the perfect way to relax after an eventful day.



We also like them very much for that they can be easily folded and hung upso that it does not interfere with some greater fun - for example, dancing with whales - Maks also liked the whale so much that we had to order a second one.




In addition to the atmospheric light balls that serve as a bedside lamp, we decided to use a small, standing lamp on the dresser, which came here from Maks' care corner in our bedroom ...



and stylish, geometric lamp made of wooden plywood suspended in the middle of the room.




Bookcase I bought it with the intention of putting Maks in the room, but then an idea came to my mind to cover the unfortunate radiator - Unfortunately, it turned out to be too small to do it neatly, so it temporarily stood next to the wardrobe for clothes. String inscription filled up the empty space above him.



Although it is very pretty, it does not quite fulfill its function in the room of a bookworm like Santa Claus - 25 books are just the tip of the iceberg of Santa's favorite books, so we plan to change it here for something much more spacious.



Z Play & Go toy bag I didn't love myself at first sight - it was very hard for me to take them off, but the convenience of using them made me buy another one and I can't imagine playing with blocks without them.



We have Lego in one sack and Lego Duplo in the other. Just spread the mat on the floor to see all the blocks, and then pull the string and all the blocks disappear into the bottom of the bagand we have order in the room. I admit that I bought two more small ones in mini version - one for wooden railroad tracks, and the other - it remains to be seen.


This is when we have decorated and decorated both children's rooms (see Maks's safari children's room here), I guess I can rest ... ah, I'll just finish the bookcase in the bedroom, show you our beautiful and atmospheric garden, or maybe you want to see our bathroom? There is always something to do at home, and on the blog to show 🙂




The post featured:



Wallpaper - Bimago - discount code -25% for the entire range from August 29.08 to September 03.09, with the code "ak25"



Round table for children - the discount code "POKOIK" is -15% for all purchases in the Tublu store

Stołek / taborecik - Tublu - the discount code "POKOIK" is -15% for all purchases in the Tublu store

Couch bed + Leather drawer handles



the shelf




Gray bedding with frills - Mama Can - the discount code "AgnieszkaKudela" is -15% for the entire range

Rainbow tassel pillow - Mama Can - discount code "AgnieszkaKudela" is -15% for the entire range

Bedspread - Mama Potrafi - discount code "AgnieszkaKudela" is -15% for the entire range

Canopy over the bed - Mama Can - discount code "AgnieszkaKudela" is -15% for the entire range

Garland over the bed - Mama Can - the discount code "AgnieszkaKudela" is -15% for the entire range

Yellow star pillow

Blue cushion with tassels

Beige sea cushion on a wooden chair

Braided jute rug, printed, 120 cm, round

Play & Go toy bag - Tublu - the discount code "POKOIK" is -15% for all purchases in the Tublu store

Brazilian hammock chair - In a hammock


Accessories and decorations:

Wooden sailboat

Wooden whale shaped hanger

Blue and beige wooden fish

Posters and frames - Desenio - the discount code "AGNIESZKAKUDELA" is - 25% on posters by the end of Thursday, August 29, 2019

our posters and frames:

Whales whale poster - Desenio

Poster with a whale on a white background - Desenio

The poster with a whale on a blue background - Desenio

Poster with polar bears - Mom and little bear - Desenio

White wooden frames - Desenio

Oak wooden frame - Desenio



Wooden coffee machine - Tublu - the discount code "POKOIK" is -15% for all purchases in the Tublu store

Wooden Rainbow - Tublu  - the discount code "POKOIK" is -15% for all purchases in the Tublu store

Wooden abacus. Addition and subtraction - Tublu - the discount code "POKOIK" is -15% for all purchases in the Tublu store

Plush octopus

Stuffed whales



Geometric plywood ball lamp - SMX Design

Cotton balls light



For now, be sure to let me know how the impressions of the sea room 🙂

And if you want to see younger brother's room in a safari atmosphere - click here.

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    this is the name of the little prince's room <3

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    Santa must be delighted with such a peace ... 🙂 he will never forget it!

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    Wooo! I am delighted with the effect

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    A beautiful, amazingly decorated child's room!

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    These accents look great against the background of pastel colors. And where does this poster with whales in a frame come from? Perfect :)

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    These colors! This slight breakdown of gray with other colors creates a great overall effect 🙂

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    A very original and stylish interior of a children's room with tasteful accessories. My favorite bright colors with elements of nature. The maritime climate has been rendered. An ingenious, extraordinary arrangement that will surely be the boy's real kingdom. It's great that his preferences were taken into account in the arrangement. I would sum it up like this: there is a wow effect 🙂 Right? Great inspiration for me!

  • Karolina

    A beautiful room! I was especially taken by law and order - chaos reigns here ... Where do you keep your toys?

    • Agnieszka Kudela

      Thank you 🙂 The toys are hidden in the chest of drawers visible in the photos and in the drawers under the bed (the clothes are in a large standing wardrobe). We keep all the rest of the toys - the ones she no longer plays with and the ones that don't fit in the room - in the attic. Every now and then we change toys so that it won't be boring 🙂

  • 19.02.2020

    A beautiful room! I can't really look at the combination of these colors - I like it incredibly 🙂

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    About her… reading and mainly watching your projects took my breath away. The room is beautiful and unique. delicate wallpaper with a light pattern, a sailor's name pattern on the wall and, additionally, these super stuffed animals that grin with joy 🙂 I wish I had come across your blog before starting my project.

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    I would like to say that it's not enough that great decor is a great blog in general, and the pictures you do also look fantastic. Good job! I wish you as much success as possible 🙂

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  • Natalia

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    This room looks great! Perfectly selected furniture and accessories that blend in very well and give a child-like atmosphere to this interior. I am just starting to renovate my son's room and think of something similar, so I will probably be inspired by your ideas, because they are really wonderful. Greetings!

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