10 best toys for the first 24 months of a child's life and COMPETITION

If you are looking for proven ideas for toys for babies, be sure to check out our hits, which are a great investment in playing together and developing a child.

When preparing a list of the 10 best toys for the first 24 months of a child's life - I deliberately do not give a lower limit. Why? Because it depends on the pace of development and interests of a particular baby, as well as on when he starts crawling or walking. Our toys from this set appeared gradually, starting from the first birthday. However, I am sure that each of them is worth trying at least before the child turns 2 years old.


1. Tunnel

Our selection: BUSA Children's tunnel, IKEA

Little Kids love to enter cardboard boxes, hide under duvets or climb the table. It's worth taking advantage of this and making your child a tunnel that will be fun for the whole family. Such a tunnel is also a great help in learning to crawl and crawl, because there is no other way to go through it to the other side. For us, it was an ideal form of fighting asymmetric crawling, because it forced the baby to make tight and symmetrical movements. As a bomb for us, we still use it, and over time we bought a compatible tent for it.


2. Tent, teepee, house

Our selection: House made of cardboard, Obi

Since we already know that kids love tight and limited spaces, it is worth thinking about a tent, teepee or cottage. Of course, you don't have to buy them over and over again - it's definitely a perfect idea to build such a base together from blankets, quilts and pillows. We also decided to buy the aforementioned tent, matching the tunnel, and later to buy a cardboard house. Each of these toys cost less than PLN 40 and are still heavily used by us today.


3. Puzzle

Our selection: 20 el. - Police Castorland Puzzle 24 el. - Peppa Pig, Trefl | 16 + Bunnies, Owls - CzuCzu

Puzzle is our absolute hit. It is hard to find a cheaper and more accurate toy.

Elemental 2 puzzles

We started with a two-piece puzzle - a set of many two-piece pictures, and a game consisting not only of combining two puzzles, but also not finding two matching pieces.

The next fantastic puzzles are sets of pictures, with an increasing number of pieces - and so in the box we have 6 pictures consisting of an increasing number of 2 to 7 puzzles. I don't know who had the greatest joy in putting them together at home.

16+ element puzzles

The next step was a 16-piece puzzle and so at the age of 2 we came to a 24-piece puzzle. What I definitely noticed is that if the puzzles are with characters known to the Child, for example from books - like Peppa Pig - it was much easier for him to arrange such pictures. Certainly, our son is more willing to put puzzles into cars than into insects, so his interests can also be observed beautifully.


4. Balance bike

cross country bike parenting blog

Thanks to the fact that we chose a model that can be assembled as a version on 3 and 2 wheels, and when buying we checked the minimum height of the saddle, our son was able to use the bike soon after he learned to take his first steps. To this day, it is a great activity, even in heavy rain, when the walk is not the height of dreams - then we go to a large shopping center, where our little one can use his energy efficiently by making circles on the next floors. Unfortunately, despite the relatively high price and nice functionality, our balance bike is, unfortunately, of quite low quality, so we recommend looking for another model that does not creak, in which the saddle does not fall, and the distance tubes will not be made of a rubber hose, which is too soft for this purpose.


5. Dough


This is our last discovery, but no less adored than the others. Our Toddler loves modeling, cutting, forming, filling molds and cutting out shapes. We will definitely choose additional sets.


6. Cone pencils

Conical Crayons PLAYON PRIMARY from Playon Crayon

Conical Crayons PLAYON PRIMARY from Playon Crayon

Safe, comfortable to grasp, safe (it's hard to pick out your eye with them), they don't break and you don't need to sharpen them. Additionally, you can build a tower from them. When buying them, I accidentally chose the pastel version, so the colors are not very intense, so I recommend the standard version.


7. Blocks

best toy blocks lego duplo

I guess no one doubts that blocks are a must-have toy for every child. The first set of blocks we received is the famous Lego Duplo, which we are constantly expanding, providing fantastic fun for the whole family for many years. A huge number of sets with the characters of your favorite fairy tales is a sensational base for creating an infinite number of play scenarios.


8. Kitchen

children's kitchen tefal

Ever since the children's kitchen was set up in the adult kitchen, cooking together became a pleasure, not a chore, when Mom or Dad are out of reach of the Child. The oven, stove or sink allow the child to fantastic imitation play.


9. Instrument set

toy instrument set

Cymbals, drum, rattles ... anything you can tap a melody on (even pots and wooden spoons). With us, singing and playing together plays a very important role in family integration and learning, and the Child's access to instruments will allow him to capture his preferences or abilities - with us, family rhythmic classes are a fixed point of classes. It turned out that our little one learns melodies much faster than vocabulary. Singing about everyday activities such as cleaning or washing hands allows the child to develop on many levels, and also allows you to fantastically release emotions.


10. Downhill track

best toy downhill track bumper cars

Downhill track and 3 bumper cars are one of our favorite toys. It shapes manual skills very well. On the other hand, it's amazing how long this simple toy can absorb a toddler.

I wonder what you or your toddler would add to this list ???



And since we're at the best toys, there should be an educational mat on the list of the best toys for children, which will be great from the first months of a child's life.

In autumn, we absolutely don't have to, and we shouldn't even sit at home. To care for our immunity, daily outdoor activities are highly recommended. So remember about proper clothing (not too cool, but not too warm), go outside and show us how you and your child actively spend time in the fall.

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  • Anna

    It is true that summer is coming to an end, but I have to present here our hit this year - garden sandboxes for children with a water table! It's great fun and outdoors! We bought our model in the Tuppi store - it is of great quality.

  • Magda

    As a girl's mother, I can add a wooden dollhouse with furniture - my two-year-old daughter spends a lot of time playing with it.

  • Patricia

    Where can you buy such a nice cardboard house?

  • Basia Marwińska

    Winnie the Pooh dancing and singing turned out to be a hit with us 🙂 I highly recommend, because the toddler has a lot of fun with it (he got on his first birthday). The downhill track is great! What brand is it?

    • 27.02.2017

      The downhill track was bought in Lidl 🙂

    • 29.03.2018

      Extra proposals, but I have a question about the Flisat desk chair, from what I can see you have a model with a backrest, we are looking for something like that - stable and comfortable, can I count on revealing the source? 🙂

  • Kinga

    Extra proposals, but I have a question about the Flisat desk chair, from what I can see you have a model with a backrest, we are looking for something like that - stable and comfortable, can I count on revealing the source? 🙂

  • 23.11.2016

    a dry gift will also be a nice bass with balls :)

  • Ewa H.

    The kitchen is very nice. I planned to buy it for a year-old, only the producer states that he is from 3. How did it work for a younger child? She wasn't a threat?

    • Radom

      I will tell you a "secret" - the mystical age limit for toys + 3 results from the fact that toys for children below this limit must be subjected to more complex tests and have documents, compliance with standards more strict than in the case of 3+, and what follows ... more expensive to obtain. That is why manufacturers and importers make it easier for themselves: choosing an age category that additionally "insures them" in case the child comes up with a toy that the manufacturer did not come up with, to avoid parental claims 🙂 Also, the parent must be sure whether the child is mature enough to play with the toy and test it yourself ...

  • Ela

    Where's the rug from? Because it looks very cool :)

    • 13.11.2016

      It's Ikea - perfect for fun and for the living room 🙂

  • Małgosia

    Very cool gift suggestions! 🙂 I have a question about the desk: is your son comfortable with him? Is your feet touching the floor? What is your son's height right now? What chair did you choose for the desk? Our children are probably about the same age and I am afraid that this desk (which also caught my eye on Ikea's website 😉 will be a bit too big for my son .. I also noticed that you have a second desk / table with a chair in the living room. Is it also a kit from Ikea? It works every day? Is it used often? I covered you with questions, I'm sorry! 😉

  • Marta w

    Thank you! I already know that the kitchen and track will land under the Christmas tree

    • 05.11.2016

      I am very happy 🙂 Kitchen is Snoby 🙂
      Lidlai's mum's instruments are fine, but when we bought low-budget cymbals they fell into tiny poppy seeds, parts dropped out of them that the child could choke on, so we had to throw them out. Janod has nice sets.

  • Agate

    Extra hint. My heir will have a birthday soon.
    I already know what I whisper to my guests about gifts :).
    May I ask where the table with a roll of paper came from?

    • 02.11.2016

      I am very happy 🙂 The desk is wonderful, the more it is adjustable in height and it will be enough for school 🙂 this is FLISAT from Ikea 🙂 roll also from this store 🙂

  • Ania

    And what brand is the downhill track? Because it looks very nice and will be perfect for a gift 🙂

  • Natalia Piontkowska

    What company are the puzzles? Because they are beautiful :)

    • 01.11.2016

      The ones in the picture are Czuczu, we also like very little puzzles for kids from the Alexander company, Castorland also has a very cool and durable one.

    • HalinkaSzept

      Czuczu personally I can recommend, what more bought our prince 2 years ago and even survived the teething of our younger daughter 🙂

    • 29.03.2018

      a dry gift will also be a nice bass with balls :)