10 ideas for an original bedside table

10 ideas for an original bedside table

Each move releases a large amount of creative thinking in me. Due to the fact that usually when you change your place of residence you can't have everything at once, whether for financial or organizational reasons (such as, for example, order processing times in furniture stores), many furniture is organized provisionally. And as the old rule says: what you do not do at the beginning, you will never do it (fortunately it is not always true) in our apartments many furniture and objects find a non-standard application.

This was the case with us, among other things, in the case of the bedroom - the bed was a pile of mattresses (I was very pregnant and it was important for me to sit and stand up high) and the bedside table ... Figuring out what I can arrange a bedside table with prompted me to write this statement, i.e. 10 ideas for a bedside table.


1. Stool - available in almost every home, and paint stains can additionally give it character

bedside table stool

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2. Chair - brought from the basement or from the display, modern or antique, it will be great, the perfect tool to introduce an additional color or texture to the bedroom

bedside table chair

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3. the shelf - vertical or horizontal will be great for arranging our knick-knacks, perfect for narrow rooms or those in which there is not enough space around the bed for standing bedside tables

bedside table shelf

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4. Pedestal tray - perhaps so far it has worked great as your bar or coffee table, as a bedside table will not only be functional, but also a great decoration

bedside table tray on the pedestal

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5. A coffee table - it fits perfectly into almost any bedroom, and you can have it for PLN 19,99, for example from Ikea

bedside table ikea coffee table

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6. A piece of wood - unnecessary stump or other solid piece of nature

bedside table drum

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7. Commode - one of my favorite solutions, although unfortunately it takes up the most space, it allows you to have many things at hand and easily control the mess - personal items are closed in drawers

bedside table chest of drawers

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8. bolster - another ideal solution for narrow spaces

bedside table headboard shelf

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9. Magazines and books - if you are wondering what to do with old warehouses when moving, answer the question whether you already have a bedside table, and if not, it is worth using them for this purpose

bedside table books magazines

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10. And finally a real nightstand

bedside cabinet

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idea for a bedside table, bedside table

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In the next post from the series Interiors I will show you how our bedside table has evolved.

And which solution do you like the most? And be sure to write what serves you as a bedside table.

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  • 12.09.2020

    At my friend's, I saw a converted bedside table, which reportedly waited a long time for better times in the basement. The corners were covered with jute rope, which gave a surprising effect. Generally, she repainted the fronts, sides and top plus this rope - I have not seen such a solution yet.

    • 06.02.2021

      Overall, the jute rope offers many possibilities. I saw a lowered shelf on ropes that was used as a bedside table. Two such shelves on both sides of the bed - very surprising in form, but they did the job. There are lots of ideas for every interior design element.

  • 27.03.2019

    Very interesting ideas and interesting article. I put the shelves at home because I don't have much space in the bedroom 🙂

  • Marianna

    🙂 nice. However, probably the classic nock cabinet is still the best :) wood charm is nice classic wooden cabinets. I don't know if you looked?

  • 15.04.2016

    piece of wood <3