2019 Christmas decorations for Christmas

Christmas decorations for Christmas

As I get older, I am more and more convinced that less is more. That is why this year, when preparing Christmas decorations, I focused on nature and timeless decorations, candlelight and tree branches. What came out of it for me?

Christmas decoration

Christmas shopping is something that I am looking forward to, not just for buying, but for the magical feeling of excitement that I experienced as a child with my mother completing Christmas decorations. Every year in my family home elements of the festive arrangement were complemented and I also continue this tradition.

For years I have been buying Christmas decorations mainly during large purchases in Auchan - it is the perfect compromise between variety, quality and price for me. That is why this year we went there for small Christmas shopping.

What way do I have for Christmas shopping?

Strolling around the store with the greatest joy I pack into the basket all the decorations that I like - and this is really a lot!

Wooden and metal decorations are ideal for hanging on a Christmas tree or for decorating holiday chairs or gifts for loved ones as a beautiful and unique ticket that can be signed from the back - and the recipient can hang it as a souvenir on their Christmas tree and remember our wishes written on it every year.

And they are an absolute hit in our home paper baubles - I have been completing their collection for 5 years - they have two undoubted advantages - first of all they are very cheapand secondly they are child-resistant, even when our child (read - mine) makes a ball of them to play with - every parent will love it. In previous years, I collected a collection in the colors of nature, and this year I supplemented it with subdued, but childish designs - owls, fawns or foxes stole my heart!

I also fell in love with glass baubles in the shape of French macaroons - with the eyes of imagination I saw this beautiful Christmas tree in our wedding office!

I never associate the Christmas season with sweaters - sweaters under the blanket, sweater cup covers, even sweater patterns on the nails - and how about sweater ball?

Do you like dream catchers? In the festive setting, you can invite them to decorate the Christmas tree, chairs or table in the form of candlesticks decorated with this pattern.

Wooden figures they will fit perfectly on any console or window sill, and in the company of candles or warm lights will intensify the holiday atmosphere.

A wreath on the table is always a good idea! I also carry such wreaths in December to family graves, and in the middle I put a Christmas candle, sometimes adding flowers, twigs or fruit.

Christmas tread throughout December it will remind you of this special time, and under tablecloth You can hide a traditional hay on Christmas Eve.

And since we are talking about the holiday table...

Like Christmas to the lights - led or real flames, or maybe a mix? Every year, in addition to chains or light decorations, many candles are lit in Advent and on Christmas. I like to choose matte ones, in natural color.

As far as I remember - Christmas stuffed animals they have something magical for me, and since I am a mother I can't pass by indifferently. Sitting on shelves with hanging legs or bouncing on springs - I just love it!

And my greatest fondness is ... candles - figurines, which I brought for the first time as gifts for the whole family from my studies in Paris. Today I still have a problem to decide which ones are the most beautiful - and I never light them - they are so sweet that I keep them as a souvenir.

Have you heard that the buying process itself triggers a wave of happiness hormones in many of us? So I use this wave ... a then I shop for the second time - in my own basket.

Czyli I put a coherent composition in the store and eventually only what matches my color palette and textures goes to my basket, which I put quickly in my head remembering the decorations that I have at home.

Christmas decorations in 2019 year

Our tableware is 12 years old and we love it, but this year we decided to reverse the idea of ​​decorations a bit. Instead of a colored tablecloth and white tableware, we decided to buy a colored tableware and set it on a white table on which the table cloth was replaced tread.

Colorful porcelain on a white table

Our children are 2 and 5 years old, and the words "I myself" especially two-year-old speaks with maximum frequency. That Christmas would be completely stress free and no one was worried about borscht on the tablecloth and its replacement after each meal, we decided to play colorful porcelain on a white table. That is why I decided to buy this beige porcelain. How did it work out for us?

Our linen linens were used to decorate the plates napkins, which have been with us for a long time, and here with a slightly blue shade broke the warm climate and gave a slightly frosty character.

I folded the napkins in a funny Christmas tree shape and decorated it with a tiny Christmas ball and a piece of cinnamon to make it look more like a Christmas tree. You can also find mini balls in Auchan this year.

To decorate wooden chairs I used a beige ribbon bought last year, Christmas tree branches and this year's metal decorations in the shape of Christmas trees and starswhich I left in my basket with this thought in mind.

I let go through the center of the table beige lace-like tread, I put bought in Auchan wooden and glass candlesticks and candles, and between them I arranged Christmas tree branches, in several places broken with red fruits on a branch called ilex. Two added charm to the whole composition birds sitting on branches - also found in Auchan for a few zlotys, which I associate with new life like nothing else.

I added some more bought this year gold plated plates in the shape of stars, on which you can sleep nuts, dried fruit, arrange a wafer.

All you had to do was light the candles ... and the magic works by itself!

Christmas decoration

Window decorations for Christmas

I also arranged twigs on the windowsill, supplemented block candles of the same collection, and wooden Christmas tree and wooden snowflakes - also from this supermarket.

And what climate will your Christmas be in this year?

What will you surely have in your holiday decorations?

PS How to fold a napkin into a Christmas tree?

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  • 02.01.2020

    It is a pity that only now I came here: ((

  • Edith

    Hello, everything composes beautifully and a white table is like a sheet of ice, because the window is very lacking in this white fluff. I really like various Christmas decorations and ideas.

  • Monika

    Your decorations are wonderful! And Auchan is mega, good quality at a really affordable price <3 We will definitely visit there again before Christmas <3

  • Magda

    Beautiful decorations, envy of talent! My tradition is small things made of porcelain in a festive atmosphere - last year I enriched my collections with a beautiful music box and I can't wait to get it out 🙂

  • Asia

    What wonderful Christmas balls !!! I was in Auchan recently and I had to miss them 🙁 Although this year it will probably be without glasses because I am afraid of Staszek somehow 😀 But I also saw a lot of other cool gadgets, and the price of the fairy tale <3

  • Milena

    I didn't even know there were paper baubles. It's probably an idea for me for the next Christmas ... and probably each subsequent 😀 Beautiful decorations! I think I have to go shopping ... 😀