5 best books from 6 months - the perfect idea for a Santa gift

best children's books

Not every great gift has to be very expensive. A booklet will be the perfect gift for every Child, so I would like to present you Mikusi's favorites in the subject, books perfect for a baby aged 6-12 months - I guarantee that after the end of the year they will not be bored!

idea for a gift Mikołajki booklet

Dear ZOO >> click

This is absolutely the first book that Mikołaj has accepted in a read version. Although he has always loved books, watching them in his own way was out of the question. Until one day Grandma brought THIS MIRACLE. And this is how our adventure with active reading began - because on each page there is a child hidden in the window, an animal, and the windows open and the fun is great!

Elephant  >> click

Love at first sight, not necessarily for reading, just watching can absorb a child for several dozen minutes. It is huge, light, unlike any other.

Smack! A little fudge  >> click

Another interactive booklet, you can pull it here, and here Krówka is fanning its ear, here you move and Krówka makes ... a pile! Seriously! It amuses children as well as parents.

Muu! Press and listen to me >> click

We have books with several buttons, but for now I can see that the one with one leaves those multi behind. Miki came up with the whole ritual of reading: one page, one push of a button, always the same sound, perfect fun!

SAFE HOUSE >> click

I put her in Mickey's cart when he was whining, and I had to walk a whole floor of my favorite store. Out of all the suggestions in this store, I chose this one because it had windows that Miki loved so much in the book Dear ZOO. And it was a shot in 10, because here there are plenty of windows and on every side, a paradise for revealing little ones!

And now it's your turn, what else should be included in our collection?

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