6 deadly sins of thin hair

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Do you have thin hair? Make sure you don't do everything to make them look even thinner and, as a result, become thinner. Here are 5 deadly sins committed on thin hair.

1. Degażowanie

I have not come across this method of cutting hair in any good hairdressing salon, there was usually a Chinese knife or simply "ordinary" barber scissors used consciously. While thinning can be a satisfactory method of cutting for thick and dense hair, unfortunately it will not work on thin hair because it will only unnecessarily thin it. Degassing thin hair usually results in cutting it excessively. Anyway, excessive shading is also not conducive to fine hair. It's a pity it took me so many years to get to this.


2. rectification

I am the owner of straight hair myself, which I liked to emphasize with a straightener. Unfortunately, straightened hair, versus brush-dried hair, falls out simply poorly. And yet you can give them a completely different "look" by twisting the straightener a bit around its axis during straightening and obtaining a "rotten" look. Still, straight but crumpled hair has much more volume. And if you like curls, there is probably no bigger ally for fine hair.


3. Electrification

It's hard to say that someone intentionally electrifies their hair, but inappropriate cosmetics, contact with sweater / hood fabrics that have not been secured with even a thin layer of rinse liquid, or even an inappropriate brush or comb can make our hair very static, So they will also "stick" to our head, creating a "helmet", and there is no question of volume here. I know what I'm saying - my hair is masters of static, not only in winter.


4. Coloring in dark colors

Do you know that black makes you slimmer? Unfortunately, also on the head. In addition, regrowths lighter than the color of the hair intensify the impression of thin hair - sometimes they even look like bald spots on the head, so women who do not suffer from hair deficiency should allow themselves for really dark hair.


5. Coloring in solid colors

A uniform color can optically reduce the volume of our hairstyle. Fortunately, today even fans of uniform, natural colors can add volume to their hair, giving it subtle reflections that look very natural. Also, slightly lightened ends will enhance the effect of natural coloring or allow to introduce some "confusion" into natural hair. Our hair naturally shades from the sun, so the longer the hair, the brighter the ends, so don't be afraid to emphasize it.


6. Inappropriate cosmetics

Too strong detergents in shampoos (such as SLS or SLES), ingredients of petroleum origin, substances such as PEG, and in conditioners mineral oils or silicones - all these products, when used for a long time, weaken our hair, some stick it and block access to the hair also nutrients. On the other hand, too heavy conditioners or masks can overburden the hair, so our daily hair care should be perfectly matched to them, usually different for summer and different for winter.


I am curious what hair do you have? Have you been struggling or are you struggling with the problem of lack of volume or thin and delicate hair? how are you dealing with this?

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