5 ways to make coconut oil - cheer!

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Unrefined coconut oil is one of the healthiest things we can invite to our home. I buy the organic one, it is easily available (for example in a good deli). Here are my 5 favorite ways to apply it.

1. Hair oiling
I recently wrote to you that I challenged my hair, and oiling it with natural coconut oil is not only healthy, but you can feel the results after just one such treatment. I put a teaspoon of the oil into a small glass bowl, which I put in a larger bowl filled with warm water, thanks to which I use a so-called water bath to heat the solid coconut oil into a liquid form, which I apply to your hair (if you have long hair, use 1 tablespoon). I keep it for 2-3 hours and wash it off. Relax - it washes off without any problems, and one wash is enough to keep them fresh and clean.

2. Frying
Not everyone knows that coconut oil is the only oil that is suitable for healthy frying, which is why it is of course used in my kitchen. I like frying vegetables and poultry on it.

3. Body Oil
Exactly! There are few healthier oils that we can use to grease our skin! It is also great for children. Coconut oil also has healing properties for many skin ailments.

4. Body scrub
After morning coffee, I choose coffee grounds from the espresso machine, mix with coconut oil and a wonderful, firming, very energetic body peeling I have ready! And a wonderful, very sensual Saturday morning included.

5. Nutrition and immunity
I wrote that coconut oil is very healthy for hair and skin, but it is also worth eating from the inside. Every day I try to smuggle coconut oil in our food, also or especially to Santa Claus. In addition to its own nutritional value, it also allows you to absorb many vitamins (there are few things worse for your health than going on a diet that completely eliminates fats) and has a positive effect on our immunity.

Did you know that coconut oil is so wonderful? What are your ideas for its application?

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  • 29.11.2018

    Coconut oil is actually the best oil for frying. It has a high smoke point (185 - 205 degrees), which means that even at high temperatures it is not a source of carcinogenic acrolein or other harmful compounds. Of course, as is the case with all vegetable oils, refined oil is essential for frying. It is true that it is devoid of many valuable compounds, but such frying is simply healthy. Even people who are slimming or leading a healthy lifestyle can fry with coconut oil, and unrefined coconut oil is perfect for cold cooking - and of course as a natural cosmetic.

  • 30.06.2017

    Coconut oil offers many uses. Fortunately, it has become more available in Poland.

  • Klaudyna Distaff

    It is worth adding that the oil should be applied to wet skin, otherwise after some time dry it instead of moisturizing.

  • 31.07.2015

    Works great instead of shaving foam 😉

    • 31.08.2015

      SERIOUSLY? I've never heard of it, but it might make sense - and it moisturizes right away 😉

  • lidu

    Read about oil suction - it refreshes your breath and helps to get rid of toxins.

    • 31.08.2015

      shock! I heard that the Russians in the war cared so much about oral hygiene, but I did not think that coconut oil was suitable for this!

  • 30.07.2015

    I like it best for frying, I like many things much more, e.g. potatoes. He didn't work in care, but I don't know if it's just because of the company. If I use it, I will definitely buy it again and see if I think correctly. However, I like him very much when frying.

    • 31.08.2015

      But you made me a taste for fried potatoes! and I was supposed to go on a diet, from today of course 😉

  • Mati7

    Nice post. Few people know this oil and its use. I will add that for some applications it is worth looking for an oil that does not have the specific smell of coconut. I especially mean frying 🙂