Christmas gifts for her

Christmas gifts are a real problem for a very large number of people. How to choose a gift that will suit the tastes of the debated person? Today I present to you some Christmas gifts for several groups of women.


I believe that each person can be assigned to a group that shares common features and passions. I have divided the Christmas gift ideas into several such sample groups - I'm sure you will find something for yourself or for someone you want to give!



Holiday gifts


It is important for Mom that her children are healthy and happy, that she can keep up with them and has everything at hand at all times.



My suggestions for Christmas gifts for her are:

  1. Lassig bag - a very comfortable and handy bag, containing everything that only a mother of an infant or small child may need. It has a spacious main zippered pocket and many smaller pockets. The bag comes with a handy, foldable changing mat in the color of the bag, a thermo-insulating bottle for the bottle and a cosmetic bag for small items; bag made of 100% recycled polyester, easy to clean and resistant to moisture.
  2. Lassig Backpack - a version of the bag for women who spend more time in the field. A backpack for comfort for longer trips, and when there is no need to carry diapers or bottles in it, it is perfect for working as a laptop backpack! Just like the bag, the backpack includes a mat, a bottle holder and a mini-cosmetic bag. It impresses with the quality of workmanship and the multitude of pockets!
  3. Magazine for moms - I wholeheartedly recommend Mint - full of valuable articles and useful knowledge. Currently only online magazine available and the Christmas edition is free to download here.
  4. Personalized jewelry - I personally have a personalized bracelet from Lilou with an engraving, and one to which I have three boys' pendants - symbolizing Wojtek, Mikołaj and Maks, my three most important men. Such jewelry will be a beautiful gift and souvenir for every mother.
  5. Poster with a picture of a child 1: 1 - wow, this is something, right? Hand drawing of a baby, this drawing is exactly the size that our baby was at birth. Incredible! Such a drawing will definitely look beautiful in the child's room.
  6. Medical binder for women or binder # I'm a Woman - perfect to be in control of your health, keep an eye on scheduled examinations and check yourself regularly!
  7. Mom on time - The Lady of Her Time has created a practical course and special tools that will allow every mother to control the chaos at home, organize the life of her family, set priorities in all this household jumble and teach children to do so!
  8. Beautiful nursing dress - Milk & Love is a brand created for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers so that they can feel beautiful and comfortable in every situation. A dress or a sweatshirt with a practical zipper will allow a nursing mother to easily feed her baby and look beautiful at the same time!
  9. A beautiful nightgown for feeding, such as Helena from Mummy, gynecologist, 100% cotton, tied with strings and available in four colors! A great idea for an elegant and practical gift!
  10. Gift card for Esotiq or any other lingerie store would be a great gift if you are afraid to buy something blind. Each mother can use this card as she wishes - for a comfortable nursing bra or - if she is not breastfeeding - other comfortable underwear that will provide it with adequate support for the breasts after pregnancy.


Taking care of health

Taking care of your health will probably never lose its value, especially now, in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. What ideas do I have for Christmas gifts for a health-conscious woman?



Christmas gift ideas for a health-conscious person include:

  1. Jade roller - a gentle massage with cool jade allows you to relax tense facial muscles, improve microcirculation, smooth the skin, and also help reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes. I am sure that every woman who cares about her health will be delighted!
  2. Dry massage brush it's a hit recently. While brushing like this can be unpleasant at first, your skin will get used to it over time and the results you can achieve are definitely worth it. Dry brushing the skin improves its elasticity, stimulates the immune system and improves well-being.
  3. Acupressure mat Lying on prickly plastic flowers may scare you, but believe me, 20 minutes a day is enough to relieve back pain, improve sleep quality and reduce stress. Think what savings it is when a person receiving such a mat will not have to pay for massages regularly, but arrange a massage on their own!
  4. Silk pillowcase or terry cloth - why is it worth it? First, unlike cotton, silk does not retain bacteria. Second, it doesn't stretch the skin. Third, it adjusts to body temperature - cooling or warming as needed. Fourth, it doesn't tangle your hair because it slides over it. Fifth, it is hypoallergenic. Sixth… really, is it necessary sixth? 😉 Something made of silk will hit the spot!
  5. Research package - a woman who cares about her health will certainly be pleased with the paid set of tests tailored to her or a health package in a medical facility, which she will be able to use freely. Check what you can find in the area where she lives!
  6. Sundose are personalized supplements. Depending on the needs and expectations of the recipient, he receives a unique set of supplements in one sachet. A suitable idea for someone who focuses on daily supplementation.
  7. Floating session - have you heard about it? Floating is floating on water in a specially prepared chamber. Such drifting on the surface of the water helps to reduce stress, soothe aches and pains, let you calm down… and these are just three of many benefits! Search for the possibility of floating in the city of the person you want to give.
  8. Fitness club pass - as long as the recipient does not take offense at such a gift, they will certainly be satisfied. Such a pass is a practical gift that will help keep a healthy body, and thus - a healthy spirit!
  9. Nutribullet blender - a practical gift idea for a lover of healthy cocktails. Small and compact, but powerful. And easy to wash! The bullet-shaped blender cup allows you to break up even the smallest pieces of cocktail. Seeds, thicker skins ... are not afraid of him!
  10. Box diet - choose one available in the area where the recipient lives. There are really many box caterers available today, and each of them has a rich offer and the possibility to choose from several diets and their calorific value. A great idea for someone who wants to eat healthy and balanced, and don't always have time to cook.



A minimalist

A minimalist is a person who does not want to be surrounded by unnecessary things, is opposed to consumerism and unnecessary shopping. He prefers to own less and enjoy what you already have.



Among my ideas for Christmas gifts for a minimalist you will find:

  1. Slow life book - Joanna Glogazy's guide on how to live slow, find time for yourself in a busy life, be able to define priorities and cultivate everyday rituals. All this is to achieve work-life balance.
  2. Legimi subscription - a bookworm who does not want to spend money on new books, and the resources of the nearby library are not enough, will be especially happy with it. Legimi is tens of thousands of books available without limits, which can be accessed not only on the reader, but also on a smartphone, tablet or computer!
  3. Online course - if you know what the person you want to give is interested in, you can try a nice online course. The choice is huge - wedding planner course, photography course, calligraphy course, Photoshop course… you will surely find something interesting!
  4. Subscription to the magazine Pismo - The magazine is a pro publico bono project, published in paper, online and audio versions. It is not an opinion-forming magazine, it does not raise political issues - it deals with broadly understood culture and ethics, and offers high-quality reports. The magazine is published very beautifully and aesthetically, it cooperates with Polish illustrators who create small works of art on the pages of the magazine.
  5. A dream gift - bet on impressions and experiences, not on material things. A parachute jump, a glider flight, a balloon flight or a spa - something that will surely please the recipient! Just make sure if she is an adrenaline lover or she prefers calmer entertainment 😉
  6. Fairtrade products - minimalism means quality, so quality coffees and teas, which are additionally ethically sourced, can also be a good idea for Christmas gifts. This coffee comes from farmers who receive a stable price for their work, and no child labor is used in the production.
  7. Chemex - it can be complete with coffee 🙂 Chemex is an hourglass-shaped coffee brewing device invented in 1941. Made of heat-resistant glass that does not absorb odors, so it does not affect the taste of the coffee. All you need is delicious coffee and paper filters to be able to serve your guests coffee in an elegant vessel.
  8. Fountain pen - one and forever. This is called minimalism!
  9. Time spent together - if the minimalist focuses on experiences and impressions, and not material things, you can propose a shared home spa, go out for a good coffee or go to a restaurant (whenever possible).
  10. ask - it is not cute and surprising, but very often minimalists need one particular thing. Something may have broken or broken recently, so it's best to grant the other person's wish.



All-comin '

"I have everything", "I don't want anything", "I don't need anything" - how many times have you heard this from a woman you love? The truth is that although she has everything, you are sure to surprise her with something. Here, intangible gifts will work best (as in the case of a minimalist).



What are my suggestions for Christmas gifts for the all-mom?

  1. Beautiful, elegant Nubes pajamas - I have one myself, so I recommend it with all my heart. There is also on offer pajamas with a holiday theme - I have one not only for me, but also for my sons, because you can buy pajamas for a child with the same design! It is worth giving someone a little cover in pajamas made of good quality, 100% cotton.
  2. Gift card for the entire mall - this option is offered by e.g. Riviera in Gdynia. It's a good idea for someone who has everything, but certainly visits the gallery from time to time to buy something new for the house, new clothes or shoes. This way, it will be able to use the funds on the card exactly as it needs.
  3. SPA voucher - even if someone has everything, they will definitely appreciate the possibility of relaxation and luxury in the SPA.
  4. Something for lovers of thrills - bungee jumping, parachuting or driving an off-road car will provide a lot of impressions and fantastic memories.
  5. Spotify Premium gift card - do you know that the person you want to give loves to listen to music? Spotify is a streaming service for millions of music tracks from around the world. You can use it for free, but the Premium option includes listening to music without ads with the ability to freely skip songs. You can buy the card for PLN 20, PLN 60 and PLN 120, depending on how long you want to donate to the music without any problems. Monthly access to the Premium account is 19,99.
  6. Netflix gift card - similar idea as Spotify card, only this one is for movie fans. With this card you will give someone access to hundreds of movies, series, programs, fairy tales and cartoons. Especially useful now that the cinemas are closed. Netflix for one person per month is PLN 34 (the more people use it, the lower the monthly cost). You can buy the card for PLN 60, 80 and 120.
  7. Professional photo session - purchase of a professional photo session can be a nice gift. For whom? For example, for a young mother who wants to have beautiful photos of her baby, for brides to capture the last moments together before they become husband and wife, or just for a beautiful woman - regardless of age, so that she can feel like a Star!
  8. Cinema City Unlimited - you already know? It is a card that allows you to watch movies in the cinemas of the Cinema City network all over Poland unlimitedly. You can practically never leave the cinema! 🙂 We keep our fingers crossed for the quick opening of cinemas!
  9. Dance lesson - be it pole dance, batchatta, belly dance, salsa or hip-hop - every dance is good to move a bit! Dance lessons are a nice gift!
  10. Pleasure vouchers - the perfect gift for your wife or friend and great DIY. Something like Eliza Wydrych's Valentine's Day Coupons. Move your head, put on creativity and a gift made by yourself!




Technologist, gadget… a woman who loves technology. What is worth giving her?



My Christmas gift ideas for her are:

  1. Bluetooth headphones - practical, comfortable and in a feminine color - what more could you want? For listening to music and for calls.
  2. Power Bank - useful during a busy day when there is no possibility or time to charge the phone via the network. Just throw the phone with the power bank connected to the bag and the phone charges.
  3. Phone case - if you know the model. Available in beautiful designs or with any photo - they please the eye and provide additional protection for your phone!
  4. Feminine smartwatch - just see how beautiful! Minimalist design, classic and elegance. In addition to the watch, it also includes 7 sports, heart rate monitor, blood pressure measurement, pedometer and calories burned measurement.
  5. JBL speaker - I'm in gold myself and I don't know what I would do without it. He accompanies me every day when I work in the office. I put on my favorite music, which does not distract me and is immediately more fun to work with! All you need to do is charge it and then connect it to the phone via bluetooth to listen to music freely for up to 5 hours!
  6. Eco-leather laptop case - soft material, resilient foam, pastel color and laptop protection. A useful accessory for the tech-gadget-victim!
  7. E-book reader - if not already, because if she is a technology lover, she may already have one. There are several companies producing readers on the market, of which the Kindle is by far the most famous. The entire library is always at hand!
  8. Inductive charger - the charger with the appearance of a disk is connected to the contact, and the phone - instead of plugging anywhere - just put it on it. And it will charge! Great right?
  9. Induction brush - 62 brush revolutions per minute. Will you do so much by brushing your teeth with a traditional toothbrush? I don't think sądz for that nicely cupped toothbrush! Cleaner teeth, healthier gums, washing time sensor - it certainly makes everyday care easier!
  10. Microdermabrasion device - that is, staying in the bathroom, skin care without visiting a beauty salon. It wipes the horny layer of the epidermis, cleanses the face, firms it, reduces scars and reduces fine wrinkles. Perfect gift for a woman!




Did you know that we use as much ecological resources as if we lived not on one Earth, but on 1,6? We live on credit, which means that every year from the so-called ecological debt, the demand and consumption of natural resources exceed the planet's ability to supply (or replace) them within a year. Everything that we use after that date (the later the better, unfortunately this day falls earlier and earlier each year, e.g. in 2019 it was July 29, including: August 22, due to the pandemic - there is no what to be happy about, for comparison, in 1970 it was only on December 29 ...), we use up on credit for future generations. I guess you will agree with me that it is worth choosing items that will allow us to take care of the Earth?

Among my suggestions for Christmas gifts for the eco-friend you will find:

  1. Book Not Rubbish - a proposal from Julia Wizowska, the host blog Again, rubbish.  As many as 348 pages on how to waste less food, what to pay attention to when buying clothes, whether the products labeled "bio" and "eco" are really environmentally friendly and whether recycling in Poland is a fiction - these are just a few questions to which the author answers in the above book. A must for every eco-maker.
  2. Zero Waste Life - Katarzyna Wągrowska's book is a practical guide on how to really live in the spirit of zero waste - consciously and not producing waste.
  3. Keepcup mug - Keepcup is a company that creates reusable cups from glass and plastics, the use of which is to contribute to reducing the use of disposable cups. You can take such a mug with you in your bag and drink coffee in a cafe from such a mug.
  4. Stojo foldable cup - it's just an idea! My discovery: a foldable silicone cup available in several sizes, which, like Keepcup, is also intended to replace the disposable cup. Handy and compact, it will not take up much space in the bag, you can use it at any time, and after drinking the contents - fold it into a tight, compact disk!
  5. Natural cosmetics - there are many companies on the market that offer vegan, natural and safe cosmetics. One of them is e.g. 4 sprouts. Here you will find soaps, shampoos, conditioners, cream deodorants, soy candles ... and much more! All produced with the use of unrefined, cold-pressed vegetable oils, natural essential oils, extracts, clays, herbs and macerates.
  6. Reusable razor - like a traditional razor, the metal razor to which the razor is attached is very eco. A good idea for both women and men!
  7. Reusable cutlery i stainless steel lunchbox - a cotton case with a bamboo fork, a knife with a serrated blade, a spoon, a straw and a cleaning brush. And the lunchbox is not only made of stainless steel, so eco, but also in a beautiful design. Great!
  8. Wax women - did you hear about it? These are natural, reusable packaging that can be used instead of plastic bags, cling film, aluminum foil or plastic boxes. Cotton cloths soaked in a mixture based on beeswax help to keep food fresh, and after use, simply rinse them with water and dry them for reuse!
  9. Organic cotton underwear - Skrojone is a Polish brand that sews ethically bras, panties and bodies in Poland, all from organic cotton with a GOTS certificate, i.e. one that has been grown without toxic plant growth agents. And in the spirit of less waste and cruelty free.
  10. Ethical clothing - clothes only from certified ecological materials. They come from GAU, an ethical company from Gdynia whose style is - as they say - "the timeless simplicity of Scandinavian minimalism mixed with a bit of nonchalance of Parisian style". The offer includes skirts, pants, sweatshirts, tops and turtlenecks. Less waste, slow and transparency are the words that define GAU.




There are people who cannot imagine life without a plan and good organization. Planning and organization are their lives! And there are things in this organization that can help.


  1. Planner for a good day - my idea 🙂 I will humbly say that it is a fantastic, holistic tool for organizing life and achieving work-life balance. To practice gratitude, health, finances and efficient organization of daily life. Available in three colors and with and without dates for 2021. A5 format.
  2. Eco-leather briefcase - to be set with a planner, very practical and convenient, in A4 format. Available in the same veneer and the same colors as the planner, equipped with a notebook with wide lines - perfect for taking notes during meetings, lectures or conferences.
  3. Traditional album - that is, one for pasting photos. You can have order in the photos on the mobile phone, on the computer, but nothing can replace the photos that we take in our hand. A beautiful album standing on a shelf tempts you to take it in your hands and browse it, recalling beautiful moments with your memories.
  4. Wall organizer - preferably in a weekly view. Blackboard paint and cork are enough to keep home life organized and everyone in the family knows what, where and when! '
  5. Jewelry organizer - glass base with brass posts of different heights on which you can hang your jewelry. It will be not only tidy, but also nicely displayed, and the chains will not lie tangled in a drawer.
  6. Goals and Planning e-book - from the Lady of Your Time. Her other e-books will also be great, such as "How to become the mistress of your time" or "How to organize a family life". Mrs. Ola Budzyńska, a lady of her own Czaus, calls herself a specialist in time, planning and understanding. He creates excellent e-books that help you define your goals and pursue them, organize yourself well in time and thus have time for yourself. I recommend!
  7. Jewelery box - in a supersize size, elegant, with convenient compartments, it will help to keep order in your trinkets, and even take it with you on a trip to be able to delight with different jewelry every day!
  8. Glass casket - beautiful, elegant, with a mirror bottom and gold-colored metal fittings. It allows you to organize jewelry not only.




For many years, yoga has become an increasingly popular practice of taking care of yourself. No wonder, because thanks to it we become more relaxed, calmed down and healthier. Yoga can be practiced at any time and in any conditions. It is a great solution for people who do not like very intense exercise, but are looking for something that will stretch and strengthen their body parts. Gift ideas for yogis are gifts for both beginners and more advanced.



  1. Cork yoga mat - this beautiful mat will appeal to lovers of minimalism and ecology. The cork provides perfect adhesion to the ground, making yoga practice much more enjoyable.
  2. A rubber yoga mat - rubber is the perfect material for yoga mats. Firstly, it is natural, and secondly, it is very effective in preventing surfaces from slipping. Joy in me mats will be liked by those yogis who greatly appreciate aesthetic values.
  3. Macrame mat strip - this one created by Julia Wizowska is a great gift for all yoga lovers who travel with their mat further than their four walls 😉 The belt was created in the spirit of less waste.
  4. Yoga set - it is a great gift for all people for whom yoga becomes everyday life. The set with accessories will allow them to continue their new passion and expand their yoga skills.
  5. Shaping leggings - apparently, our well-being is very much influenced by how we look. With yoga leggings, you can look so feminine that you don't want to give up training!
  6. Yogi Tea - these teas are probably known to many a freak of spiritual peace. Teas come in many flavors, mainly very exotic, which will make every day pleasant.
  7. Meditation cushion - for example, one in a beautiful fuchsia color will allow you to meditate comfortably, and thus let you calm down and go deeper into yourself. A gift for those who are more into yoga and meditation.
  8. Exercise ball - the ball is a universal exercise device that is also used in yoga practice. It trains balance and allows you to stretch some parts of the body.
  9. Relaxation bag - a relaxing eye bag from Peaceful Mind is filled with flower petals and seeds. Placed over the eyes, it facilitates relaxation - a perfect gift for people who often meditate or have trouble falling asleep.
  10. Incense purnamarituals - you could see them on my Instagram. They help in mindfulness and new mindfull practices. Their smell improves concentration and calms down. A gift created for people who love to broaden their horizons.


How do you like my gift suggestions? Did you find anything particularly interesting?


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  • Anonymous

    I know from experience that sunglasses are a good gift, but to be branded, you have to spend some money, unfortunately

  • Julung

    A perfect blog before Christmas while there is still an opportunity to buy something at a normal price. I will definitely use the offer.

  • Marta

    A very nice list of gifts for a woman 🙂 You can use it not only before Christmas, but also for other occasions, such as Women's Day or birthday / name day 🙂

  • Anita

    It's been a long time since I saw such an extensive gift box! Great suggestions, most of these things I would not even think about when looking for gifts. I will definitely use this list more than once.

  • 12.05.2021

    It is true that after Christmas, but Mother's Day is slowly approaching. Very nice inspirations, I will definitely use one!

  • Parker pen

    Great ideas! Very specific. Your parker pen can also be a bull's eye!

  • marcin

    This year, I chose something very original - an interesting set for brewing artisanal filter coffee -, thanks to which my mother learned the taste of REAL coffee for the first time in her life. I admit that I had it easier to choose, because I was a barista during my studies. The advantage is that it is not such a personal gift, so it is less risky. And very original

  • 12.01.2021

    The research package for a woman is a great idea. Nowadays we do not have much of it, or we forget to take care of ourselves. Such a gift will hit the nail on the head.

  • 08.01.2021

    It's hard to hit the person's taste, so I think a gift card is a great gift.

  • 27.12.2020

    You gave a lot of nice ideas for gifts 🙂 For years in my family, we meet a few weeks before Christmas, set the maximum amount for a gift and say what we would like to get for Christmas. That's it 🙂 For my part, I recommend the UNLIMITED card - a mega gift for a movie fan 🙂

  • 22.12.2020

    My mother focuses on less waste now and pays great attention to the quality of, for example, clothes. I decided that I will order her T-shirt with computer embroidery it is durable, so I hope she will be happy 🙂 it will certainly not be clothes that are going to get damaged and have to be thrown away