Christmas Eve table in two ways

Christmas table

The Christmas table in our house always looks simple, but elegant and festive. I decided to show you two simple ways to prepare a beautiful Christmas table.


December is approaching, which I associate with the smell of spices and the warmth of the fireplace. My beloved Christmas is coming with December. In the hope that the situation in the country will improve to the extent that meetings in a wider group will be allowed, we plan Christmas Eve just like every year.


When planning this year's Christmas, Wojtek and I decided that it was high time replace our several-year-old porcelain, which we got when we moved into the first rented apartment, and what's to be hidden - during this time it has become quite defective and we simply lack dishes for more guests.


Our porcelain until now was simple, traditional and white, and we liked it very much. A long time though we were thinking about the color one, but we came to the conclusion that if it is supposed to be ours for now the only set, we will go in classics.


After seeing the most different collections in the store Pię I chose the dinner set MariaPaula Nature, i.e. classic, white porcelain broken by embossing referring to nature, in appearance resembling tree bark. Wojtek, on the other hand, persuaded me to use it in the gold version, i.e. MariaPaula Natura Golden Line dinner set but - with a gilded edge and fine grooves. We support Polish producers, and MariaPaula is a Polish brand of porcelain produced in the oldest Polish factories. The golden decorations on it are made made of real 24 carat gold. It is beautiful, simple, and most importantly - decorated though it it can be washed in a dishwasher.



I admit that I was a bit afraid of this combination, I even wanted to change the order during the course, but I trusted Wojtek and when it came ... I liked it right away!


The whole set contains 6 shallow, deep and dessert plates, plus two different-sized dishes, a sauceboat and a 3,5l vase. Such a set will be perfect for a Christmas table and many different celebrations! However, in order to be able to host more people, we chose it the second set - without these additional dishes.



In one fell swoop, on the same page - Pię - we also bought glasses, cutlery and vases, more about them below.


When our porcelain arrived, it turned out to be even more beautiful than in the photos, so I immediately wanted to see what it would look like in a full table arrangement. I thought that by the way I would show you how in a very simple way you can conjure up a beautiful decoration for the Christmas Eve table. I invited my dear friend Ewelina to play, we spent a nice Friday morning preparing these two proposals.


Although I must write to you that in addition to classic solutions, you will find in the store Pię także Christmas porcelain.


Porcelain with elves it would be perfect for a Christmas breakfast in Christmas pajamas and not only for children, but plates with Rudolf they would be a great accent for a Christmas dinner - I feel that they will be staying with us, and our kids will remember them throughout their lives, and then take them to their families as a souvenir. And their prices range from a few to a dozen zlotys per piece!



Christmas table

1 proposal

The first proposal was based on the slogan: Near the nature. We bet on simplicity and naturalness. So we decorated the table only with branches of holly (Latin Ilex)which you should be able to get from flower exchanges or florists.


These twigs decorated not only simple, linen napkins at the covers for which we made rings made of a soft, golden wire.



We also put twigs to three vases with a gold rimwhich beautifully refer to our porcelain.



Like last year, I knew I wanted to put on a table runner instead of a tablecloth, why? The reason is very simple and practical - to make it last longer. There is nothing to hide, the Christmas table, red borscht with dumplings and two kids - a clean tablecloth for the holidays is something that could not be done. We were looking for a long, natural tread, but unfortunately we couldn't find the right one, so ... we took it plain, gray, rectangular tablecloth, we folded it along the longer diagonal - diagonally - and so stood in the middle of the table our proprietary tread in natural colors, beautifully matched with napkins and porcelain.



I love an elegantly set table - in my work, Wedding Planner, I learned that life is too short to keep beautiful porcelain, glass or cutlery in cabinets - that's why we drink water from water goblet and we added glasses white wine (we also have red wine glasses but we didn't use them in this table arrangement). We also decided on beautiful, slender ones cutlerywhich - although silver and not gold as the rim of plates and vases - harmonize fantastically with all the decorative elements of our Christmas Eve table.



We supplemented the table with long gray candles in golden candlesticks.



The arrangement of the Christmas Eve table is also accompanied Christmas console arrangement standing at the table. They appeared on it two figures of nutcrackersgolden menorah with the same candles as on the table beautiful epoxy adorned tray by - hand-made decoration by Ewelina Balcerzak from Alabaster Design and ... chocolates on a platter and saucer.



A golden one also hung over the console circle decorated with eucalyptus and holly balls.



If someone was wondering whether it is worth putting the chocolates on the table earlier than on Christmas Eve - I do not advise. For me they disappeared in the blink of an eye, picked up by little hands ...…




2 proposal

This is a proposition not only for the Christmas Eve table, but also for many other celebrations.


We used the same tablecloth, napkins, our beautiful porcelain, vases and glasses.



This time, holly branches have been replaced by beautiful, colorful bouquets of live flowers - free choice ;-).



The napkin twigs have been replaced with small ones pale green mimosa sprigs.



Take a look: I only replaced plants, and I achieved the effect that allowed me to change the Christmas table into a ... birthday, anniversary or even a little wedding table!


I love such simple and elegant solutions - I still have to change a few pots and I think casseroles that can be easily turned into tea lightsto get served on the holiday table dishes remained warm throughout dinnerwhich ends long after midnight with us. The Christmas market is underway with discounts -25% so if you also lack something in the kitchen, be sure to find an opportunity.


How do you like my proposal for a Christmas table, or just a festive one?


Which version do you like more?

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  • 19.01.2021

    These decorations are beautiful. Everything is very well thought out and adjusted to each other. 🙂 Congratulations on your idea and on your imagination that is unfailing in your case. We will certainly use something in our homes next year. Best Regards

  • 08.01.2021

    Very good post, beautiful photos, I am glad that you are active on the blog 🙂

  • 07.01.2021

    I enjoyed reading this post, great photos, best regards 🙂

  • 05.01.2021

    I regret that I just found your blog now, because my Christmas Eve table would certainly be more beautiful with your tips, but I will definitely use them next year 🙂

  • 29.12.2020

    Great post, beautiful photos and a wonderful blog, best regards 🙂

  • 25.12.2020

    Beautiful photos. The quality is amazing. And the kids are happy. Lovely!

  • 22.12.2020

    A wonderful entry, and the photos are beautiful! Yours warmly!

  • 11.12.2020

    Beautiful and elegant. As befits a Christmas Eve gala dinner 🙂

  • 10.12.2020

    The decorations are really beautiful 🙂

  • Dorota

    Very nice, I really like the combination of white with wooden chairs 🙂 will you reveal the color of the paint on the wall (white or maybe off-white ???), because I also have such wooden accessories and I would like to repaint the room 🙂 thank you very much in advance !!

  • 03.12.2020

    Amazing atmosphere, the colors are beautiful!

  • Dave

    beautiful photos, and this year I will want to buy roomba for my parents as a gift

  • 26.11.2020

    Beautiful and clear. The dish is simple and at the same time has something, I even have a similar one. Will it not be too tight at the table?

    • 27.11.2020

      thank you! the table is now set for 6 people, and even 8 people sit at it 🙂