Autumn frenzy? I have a way and even a few!

Autumnal depression

Although I train positive thinking every day, I can't deceive my body, which is absolutely not favored by short days and autumn mood drop is contributing. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't fight it. Discover my proven ways to fight the autumn blame.

1. Fresh flowers

I buy fresh flowers, nothing improves my mood more than the beautiful surroundings in which I am, and I associate fresh flowers with absolute luxury, a sense of security, even if they are three tulips of 2 zlotys each. Find your synonym for personal luxury and let yourself be pampered.

2. changes

A can of paint and a new color on the wall. Rearranging furniture, replacing curtains from the living room with those in the children's room. It all means that I am in constant motion, I change, create, act and admire the quick effects, and it gives amazing energy. Or maybe you could use a small refreshment of the apartment or a thorough cleaning, clearing the space? Holidays are coming, there is a perfect opportunity!

3. Occupation

My mom says ironing relaxes her. I didn't understand it before, but today, when writing a blog relaxes me, I look at it completely different. And since it is also a very laborious job, I also don't have time to think about nonsense. Discover your passion and give yourself to it! Just do not look for it for too long, grab the "first better" that comes to your mind, don't waste your time searching for the perfect one, because it can frustrate you quite a bit. If the first choice is wrong - you can always change it.

4. Christmas atmosphere

I take out Christmas placemats, put pillowcases on the sofa in a festive atmosphere - if only in color, here and there I tie red ribbons that remind me of Christmas and I devote myself to the Christmas magic of preparations. It may seem trivial at first glance, but apart from the spiritual experience of the holiday, it is also an extraordinary time spent with the family, for which I like to be well prepared and organized so that my head will not be occupied by any endless matters. Make a preparation plan for Christmas and implement it tomorrow!

5. Smile

Yes, I smile to myself. As I sit at my desk and black clouds roll by, I ask myself a control question - am I smiling? Am I smiling to myself? I don't know how it works, but a gentle smile on my face all day long makes me happier. As if it would work both ways - feeling happy makes me smile and smiling makes me feel happy. Even such initially artificial, controlled smile makes my thoughts go on a positive path and the smile after a while becomes the most real. Have you not tried Start right now! Smile!

Do you notice a fall in mood in the fall? How do you deal with him?

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    I also wrote a similar post once :) and what's funny, very often when I write about fresh flowers I get comments / e-mails that fresh flowers are a crime - do you have that too? In turn, as I once wrote, to give wine / small souvenirs instead of flowers for a wedding, a relationship of florists made a scandal that I take bread from their children (although, apart from the wedding issue, we spend a lot of money on flowers, because we often buy them home or as gifts) . You will not please anyone, but one thing is certain - flowers make me feel better too :)

  • 03.12.2015

    very cool advice! I have the same with flowers, always somehow in the autumn I start to buy more of them 🙂 Something in it is because of a smile on my face. Planning the world !!! Discovering new recipes and taking photos. And the best autumn is the evenings when I sit down with a tea and a thick book and just read 😀 (sorry for the lack of Polish characters, but I don't have them here)

  • SmakUla

    I keep inventing new tasks for myself, so I survived November without any major drops in shape 🙂 And December is already holidays, preparation, creating mood, there is no time for bad days 😉 Today I plan to decorate the apartment and then it remains to test Christmas recipes and mandatory some Christmas comedy 🙂
    Regards 🙂