# I'm not waiting, I act - 28 days to change eating habits for healthier ones

#I'm not waitingI faced the challenge of slimming how to lose weight 20 kg

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“I created this challenge and created the Motivation and Goal Realization Charterso that we can come motivate together, work together on habits, that we have enough strength when the wave of motivation and energy flows away, and the next one won't be on the horizon.


Motivation is not everything - the wave does not last forever, it gives momentum and faith in its abilities, but what will remain after it is the second main component of success. I call it - practicingwhich, in turn, works out best for me when I make myself everyday, even the smallest habits.


Why should you take part in the challenge today?


Only what we do now counts, only on this we have a real influence and only this will bring results in the future. "


To read the rest of my letter to you, download your card and join the motivational group on Facebook, take part in the challenge - you will receive my letter with all the instructions.




And on on my Instagram account you can see Live of the day 0 challenge - will only be available until Tuesday, February 12, 22:30.


You can learn about my fight history here: How did I find strength and motivation to lose weight?

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  • 21.02.2019

    I need to motivate myself (this is the last time!) And achieve my goal! 🙂

  • 16.02.2019

    A very inspirational blog! A great challenge.