A touch of luxury every day

fresh peonies flowers

I love being pampered ... and sometimes I allow myself to pamper myself.
When I want a bit of luxury in my home, I buy live flowers, today peonies ...

For now, it's mainly buds, but every day more and more beautiful will greet me after work.

I also love to buy underwear in professional lingerie stores, where I can count on brafting assistance, a wonderful decor, nice mood, freshly ground espresso coffee and muffins ...

Have a nice evening everyone 🙂

And you? What are your ways to pamper yourself?

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  • Sashka

    I also really like peonies iedź and tell me where there is such a store with such an atmosphere. My favorite underwear is etam 🙂

  • 05.06.2012

    beautiful :) I love peonies :) Is this your apartment in the blog's headline? If so show more photos, it looks wonderful :)