A gift for Grandma's and Grandpa's Day - DIY

gift for grandma and grandpa diy day

It is characteristic of our plans that we do not always manage to implement them. And good plans are those that are easy to modify. Therefore, if you have been planning what to prepare with your kids for Grandma's and Grandpa's Day for weeks, but in the end you have one day left, and you only sit down to it today - just like us, because I spent the whole last week in bed - then I invite you to 5 ideas for a gift for Grandma's and Children's Day - DIY - last-minute version.


1. Homemade cake

gift for grandma and grandpa's day diy cake

We all know that it is easy to reach the heart through the stomach, and how much easier when you are a few-year-old Sweetie? A cake for Grandma or Grandpa is a triple joy - most kids love the time spent with their mother and father. measuring, tasting and touching all these ingredients is great fun, and how delicious it tastes! Are you looking for recipes - easier and more difficult to choose from? Check it out Provisions.pl.


present for grandma and grandpa's day diy cake


2. Laurel

No card from the store, even the most expensive and beautiful, has nothing to do with the one hand-made by the grandchildren. Sticking, painting, drawing, pasting - ideas are endless, and during this game we have a chance to have a fantastic time with the Child again.


3. Mini-photo album

gift for grandma and grandpa's day diy photo album gift for grandma and grandpa diy day with photo


All you need is 8 photos with kids, one sheet from A3 technical block or two from A4 block.


We used the A3 block, from which we cut a strip 10,5 cm wide and 42 cm long.


We cut 7 photos to the size of 8x9cm so that there were frames for the inscriptions around. I cut the cover photo opening the album to 10 × 10.


The idea for the album was such that under each photo the children would suggest what they love Grandma for, what Grandma is asking for, but Mikołaj and Maks had their idea for this album and so we wrote a beautiful poem in it:


Grandma Grandma, I will give you something, a small heart that I have, 
and in this heart a rose, Grandma, Grandma, live 100 years!


4. The imprint of the granddaughter in salt mass

I'm sure you have all the ingredients on hand.

Recipe for salt mass - thanks to the use of potato flour it will be prettier - whiter:

  • a glass of salt
  • a glass of wheat flour
  • half a cup of potato flour
  • less than a glass of water

All dry ingredients simply mix in a bowl and gradually add water, kneading all the time until we get a homogeneous mass.

To prevent the Child's hand from sticking to the mass, sprinkle it with flour. Imprint - and it's ready! You can also engrave the name and date. Finally, take a bowl and like a dough for dumplings - around the footprint - cut a circle around the foot, it will look nicer.

The salt mass in the open air will dry for about 2-3 days, if you do not have that much time, set the oven to 100'C and dry the print in it, changing it every now and then.


5. Garden in the dish

gift for grandma's and grandpa's day diy garden in a jar


Enough ordinary dish - glass and transparent, or maybe porcelain and colored? Transparent, glass bowl or white cup? In the middle a little bit of soil and a few plantsthat you may already have at home - some succulent?


In the nearest florist's you will find a selection of plants from which you and your children can create their own mini-garden. Or maybe just creating a garden will be a gift for Grandparents - and for you? And you will do it together - it will be the best souvenir for sure!



Time together

Or maybe you will take Grandma or Grandpa to the cinema? To the favorite ice cream shop she liked to go to when she was young? Maybe you will take your photo albums to Grandma and be sure to ask Grandma to take hers out and tell you how it used to be? Recently, Mikołaj was surprised that in the past, instead of using a car, you used to ride a horse, and instead of using an electric lamp, my grandfather did his homework by an oil lamp. You can also take your favorite games, bake Grandma's favorite childhood cake together. No TV or phone. As our son, Mikołaj, says - "Mother, the phone is not important".


I wish you a beautiful Grandmother and Grandfather's Day, and all Agnieszka's dreams come true.


PS Did you know that since my childhood I was worried that I would receive fewer gifts when I was celebrating my name day on Grandma's Day?

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  • 19.01.2021

    There is not much time left to find the right gift for Grandpa's Day, but after reading the post, I only confirmed that a card and something sweet are a gift that still works best. There is always a chance that my daughter will surprise me with some amazing gift idea for my grandfather. Greetings.

  • 09.12.2020

    I remember that you always made cards for your grandparents. I continue to practice it, but I use ready-made cards on which I write my sincere wishes. It's a perfect gift idea, I think it's very sentimental and a nice souvenir.

  • Krystyna

    This year, we gave grandmothers beautiful silver earrings with amethysts - both were delighted, I think that sometimes you can go crazy on such a day, grandmothers deserve it! 🙂

  • 24.01.2020

    Thank you

  • 22.01.2020

    Mini photo album - great idea! It seems to me that this is something more fun than a laurel 🙂

  • Anna Maczynska

    Very interesting ideas, especially the mini-album I really liked and I am getting cut in the morning :))