Santa Claus Action II

I love to give and - what the hell - receive gifts, so as soon as I read from Marysia, Fr. St. Nicholas' Action I had to be tempted (Marysia, thank you again for reminding me about the deadline for submitting applications!).
The rules were very simple:
Everyone wrote their name and address, and most importantly, a short letter to Santa in 3 points specifying their interests.
My letter to Santa Claus:
Scented Candles
Positively Pink
Martyna z Blog wrote a letter that I received for realization Semaphore Poland:
And now the best: on the one hand, choosing a present for Martyna, on the other, waiting for my gift:
You already know the packaging - I showed you in the post about it, how to pack presents in an original way… in jute.
The day before Santa Claus, a postman rang to my door and brought me my surprise.
I am delighted - I thought that Mikołaj would fulfill one of my three wishes, and here I received a solid portion positive pinkwhich stands on my desk and reminds me not to torture ourselves with bullshit, for that sensational candle holder with a fragrant interior (did I write somewhere about collecting a collection of small, shiny candlesticks ???) and notebook with a photographic accentin which I can save new ideas for photos or blog posts.
Thank you!
Have you heard about the Action? Did you take part in it? Show off your gifts and ideas for them 🙂
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