Hallway arrangement - walls like windows

Arrangement of the hallway - walls like windows

The arrangement of the hall on the first floor has finally become a reality. I invite you to my place again today - see how I warmed up and opened the corridor, which I run several dozen times a day on the route bedroom and children's rooms.


Initially, our house was very minimalist - you could say that we painted 180 m2 white and put furniture in and felt that everything was ready.


After a few years' adventure of renting flats decorated in a million colors (green kitchen, orange hall, purple striped bedroom and beige striped living room ... by the way, I think I must show you these interiors one day, we remember together) we wanted to rest from various forms, shapes and colors, find your style and gradually introduce it to our four angles. These small-big changes make us feel more and more place on earth.


Arrangement of the hallway


An upstairs hallway leads to our bedroom, boys' rooms, guest room and bathroom. Attic stairs also lead from it.


This is what our hall looked like until recently - simply empty, with a sadly hanging black lamp under the ceiling. He couldn't stay that way anymore - after all, our house is still full - full of laughter, love and joy, so it had to be changed! One afternoon preferably.


how to decorate a hallway



The first idea to decorate these walls were posters. We live in Gdynia, by the beautiful sea, and in our hall there is not a single window, so this arrangement of the hall - te pictures - these are our little windows to the world, our walls like windows! We are deceiving ourselves a little bit.


I chose thematically pictures in calm colors, close to naturethat is why there is a poster of a house on the seashore, a photo of a reed and a matching color poster "By the pool" - all posters framed in simple, white frames were composed in Poster Store - I really like how well they filled this space.


Arrangement of the hallway - the walls


In the Poster Store you will find lots of beautiful posters divided into categories, so that you can easily find what interests you the most and it fits in with your sense of beauty. Posters are available in several sizes. I couldn't make up my mind! It's good that I have Wojtek 🙂 And if you have no idea, check out the page with inspiration for home picture galleries, and maybe you will use from ready solutions and ideas for entire galleries on the walls. I'm sure these pictures will change any interior. Of course, you'll also choose beautiful ones ramki - copper, black, silver, gold, wooden ...


hallway walls gallery


There was still something missing under the posters - I chose the white one simple BESTA cabinet from IKEA - to which I chose shelves imitating woodto insulate her nico. Thanks to its small size, it doesn't take up much space in the passage, but it beautifully fills the space. Unlike the console, it doesn't stand on the floor, so it really takes up the minimal space in this small hall. I think it would also be great in a narrow hall in the block. I put various on the shelves odds and ends. Booksthat are no longer in the bedroom bookcase, Zenith - my first camera with great sentimental value - it is also the first camera of my late Dad ...


hallway metamorphosis


handkerchiefs that must always be at hand with two children and ... a few toys. Why? That it toys first attracted children's attention and they went to the little hands of Mikuś and Maks, not the book - I don't want to collect the pages scattered on the stairs and smeared with crayons later - the toy pick is perfect for us.


hallway furnituresmall hall



I put it on the cabinet orchid in woven casing, scented candlesthat I love a little bit Pampas grass, which beautifully refers to the pictures hanging above the shelf.


hall in the block

modern hall



This metamorphosis only took us a moment, one afternoonand we love the effect! Immediately the interior is more pleasant and warm. I like such metamorphoses.


ikea hallway

hallway inspirations



Now attention ... smile! 🙂



hallway arrangement


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How do you like the next quick arrangement of the hall?



PS See also how I arranged 3 years ago hall on the ground floor.

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  • Marcin

    Great arrangement, warm and light. I like it very much.

  • 28.01.2021

    The hall is a showcase of our house, so it is worth making sure that it impresses guests and owners right from the doorstep.

  • 30.12.2020

    Wow! A really great arrangement 🙂 You have talent

  • 19.10.2020

    How much can be done in such a small area! The interior immediately took on a different look. Personally, I am a huge fan of braids for pots. They can wonderfully warm an arrangement.

  • 10.04.2020

    Aesthetic minimalism with the energy of a home fire. Congratulations on the arrangement

  • Margaretka93

    Beautiful arrangement! I really like the frames on the walls.
    I love picture frames and I often buy, I recently bought such white Scandinavian frames.

  • 17.03.2020

    It looks cool ... so light and warm 🙂