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what toys to choose for babies

Baby toys are designed to help our child explore the world in the first year of life. It is worth thinking about baby toys that will stimulate its proper development. Which toys worked best with us?


We choose toys for babies so that they teach the child something - they should like them, not us. Sometimes the child needs to be additionally encouraged to use the toy and helped at the beginning, so it is worth choosing such educational help. It is also worth choosing toys that will serve us for a longer time or change their use over time, e.g. from a grab toy to a teether or from stacking blocks to a toy for learning to count.


Below you will find several toys for babies that we can fully recommend to stimulate the development of a child!


Baby toys


Baby Gym educational stand with pendants from Little Leaf

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The stand is a toy for babies, which accompanies us for a long time, because from 1 month of Maks's life, and we use it even today, when Maksio is 11 months old. It is a stand made of beech wood, which makes it light, but durable, and additionally smooth to the touch. You can put it anywhere, and it folds and unfolds easily. We put ours both on the floor on the mat, above the deckchair or the basket of Moses, and its advantage unlike the mobiles suspended permanently above the cot is that it can be moved at any time so as not to stimulate the child who is going to sleep. These pendants are designed to stimulate, not put you to sleep. The Baby Gym is an excellent toy - a development aid that fits in with the Montessori philosophy.


Three were attached to the rack maple and silicone pendants - completely safe for the baby. We attached the hangers not only to the stand, but also to the trolley, where they are used to this day - Maksiu uses them as teethers, while improving the precision of the movement of his little hands. Various wooden and silicone shapes, as well as movable discs, perfectly teach to grip, translate and manipulate. Thanks to the materials from which the pendants are made, biting them is not a problem, on the contrary - this perfect teether! Thanks to their colors and shapes, the pendants support the child's motor and visual development.


On the stand, we hung not only the pendants attached to the stand, but also other toys for babies - depending on what was at hand and what Maks was enthusiastic about. The items that we hung on a rubber band were also a revelation - they gave a great spring.


You will find him here



Lodger Boxer Fleece mat

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At Santa Claus, 4 years ago I recommended a foam mat to you, and a moment later it turned out that many such mats are made of poisonous ingredients.


Therefore, just in case our mat landed in the basket, and this time we decided on a completely different solution. And you know what? I'm just seeing this big puzzle mat restrict us. Although I looked for such a folding piece of the largest possible, I rarely had the time and strength to fold it, so I gained a motley carpet in the living room, which was not mobile at all, and Santa always played in the same place. While with one child it is not such a problem, it is with two, when the Elder already has her room and other favorite places, the mat permanently assigned to the living room would not work with us.


So I chose a soft mat for Maks - perfect for a toddler in the first year of life. You can, for example ... place it under the Baby Gym stand or place any toys for babies on it. It was also very helpful when Maks was learning to sit down, as it absorbed falls.


I often brought her to the office myself, when I stopped by for a few hours with Maks. I was able to put the mat on the carpet and I was sure that my son was comfortable, warm and safe. I also took it with guests, on holidays or on the terrace - together with other toys for babies, it was the perfect and complete duo to play everywhere.


We use it to this day - we are arranging a room for Maks, inspired by the Montessori philosophy, and this mat is the perfect place for a child to rest. We also have Santa Claus lying on it.


You will find her here



Music turner

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Maksio chose this toy for babies himself - he liked it when we were in the guests and stayed with us. Perfect for lazy children! Perfect for babies over 6 months of age to learn all fours - the ball flickers and plays, and the setting mechanism makes the child willing to follow the escaping toy. As you know, such a baby learns the world by touch, paying attention to the variety of structures and textures. For us, it is a perfect opportunity to correct Maksio's asymmetric crawling, when I want to practice with him we invite the ball to play, Maksio crawls with it, and I have a chance to correct his right leg.


And the sweetest view is when Maksio grabs her in both hands and dances to the beat!

industrial toys for babies


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Rubber teether

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My discovery this year! But no matter what teether, it's just beautiful avocado teether!! Thanks to him, kids are taught to love healthy vegetables from the very beginning. The teether perfectly imitates half of the fruit - it even has this wonderful characteristic fluff - to sensory toy - thanks to its shape, the child can easily take the teether to the handle, a different textures (on one side rough skin, on the other - protruding stone) Additionally stimulate. Isn't that cool?


Like a typical rubber teether, it does not have any holes, thanks to which fungi do not develop in it and is perfect for bathing - it is a safe toy for babies.


The teether is made made of natural rubber and painted with natural food dyes, so I can be sure that my child does not take any chemicals with the teether. The entire teether is, of course, non-toxic and produced entirely without harmful substances. In addition, it is not just another duck-bite or a ring, but a fruit - maybe that's why Maks looks so kindly at the edible avocado? 😉 It teaches the Child that we do not bite animals, but fruit and vegetables - because in this collection there are many wonderful shapes of vegetables and fruits, such as carrot, broccoli, banana or watermelon.


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What a surprise! A mirror as a toy for an infant - stimulating the child's development? Yes, still how! It can play a different role at different stages of life. Of course, it must be hung at the right height. In the first months, when the child is still lying and crawling, the mirror stimulates and arouses interest, provoking later on to rise, stand up and play with its own reflection. When the child is older, the mirror will encourage antics and play, it will be the audience, a transition to Wonderland and whatever our child can think of 🙂


We ordered to Maks's room safe acrylic mirror matching the shape of the whole room concept. Our son has a lot of fun from the mirror, sometimes he cries, just go to the mirror and there is already the most beautiful four-tooth smile from ear to ear.




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A toy for babies, which can often be found in restaurants - no wonder! Thanks to it, thousands of parents around the world can eat lunch or drink coffee every day in peace. Great entertainment for kids, very engaging. The queue in which wooden beads slide along curved wire tracks develops motor coordination and logical thinking - each bead has to be grabbed with a handle and lead the right way to the other end. Initially, the toddler will guide the beads along the simplest track, raising the bar over time. This is it!


You'll take her here



Rope, ribbon

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Once I showed you on Instastories, how Maks helps us in preparing for Course for a Wedding Consultant - she gets a satin ribbon to her handles and… he's gone 🙂 She's so fascinating! Recently, our boys have started to play, wrap each other with string, which we used to create help in the Maxi room inspired by the Montessori philosophy. Such different types of materials that we have at hand - one thicker, round and rough and the other thin, flat and smooth are also a great way to learn about the world and different structures! Of course, with such fun, I absolutely never leave my child unattended.



Pool with balls

Both beautiful ready-made solutions and practical home remedies are available on the market - an inflatable water basin and a pack of balls.


Last weekend we were at a wedding, where the Young Couple prepared such an attraction for Toddlers and you may not believe it, but we ate dinner with Wojtek in peace, because both Maks and Mikuś found a job for a long time.


However, the interaction between them in this pool was the most amazing! We have to recreate it at home.




A toy of my childhood and I don't know if it's not one of the oldest toys in the world. Do you know that the first bitterns (then clay) date back to 3500 BC?


The spinning top is a very simple toy, although the producers add new functionalities to it - this game, this one lights up during the shooting. One thing does not change - the children look at them as if they are hypnotized and try to catch them, and are always surprised that the toy stops spinning 🙂


And what toys for babies worked best for you in the first 12 months?


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  • 23.11.2019

    The ball pool with us passed the test best, it was the baby's best fun for a long time, he loved to sit among the balls and play for hours.

  • 08.11.2018

    In my opinion, good quality electric vehicles for toddlers are great fun, mine is delighted. A good play mat is also the basis! 🙂

    • 09.11.2018

      Personally, I am not a fan of electric vehicles for children - I definitely prefer a bicycle and a scooter and spending time actively 🙂

  • 27.10.2018

    The educational mat worked very well for me. The child could calmly take care of the toys and I could cook dinner :).

    • 06.11.2018

      oh yes - at a certain age it is irreplaceable! with us it was this wooden stand for hanging toys 🙂