Spring balcony in the block


On the one hand, I dream of a house with a garden in a quiet area, on the other, I love the bustle of the city and everything that happens there.

For several years I have been living in the center of a large city, in the summer time I try to organize a substitute for a garden on my micro balcony, it's only May, so it's too early to plant my favorite balcony surfinie, but this year it looks like this ...

balcony interior design
I love spending mornings here immersing myself in warehouses, and evenings when the city goes to sleep ...
And you? Do you have balconies or beautiful gardens?

Or maybe you have to be content only with the window sill - like me for half of my studies?

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  • Marta Majszyk

    How early on the surf? I've had mine for a week on the balcony 😉

  • 11.06.2013

    I like this balcony

  • 20.05.2013

    calm and cozy! wonderfully ... I have a balcony which is still undergoing "renovation": D

  • 16.05.2013

    so we drink tea

  • 11.05.2013

    Beautiful and so calm this your balcony ,, unfortunately I only have a window ledge available !! Buu ,, but what to do ,,,

  • 10.05.2013

    A beautiful balcony.

  • 09.05.2013

    I also have a balcony, and I can't decide if I prefer big cities or quiet areas :))

  • 09.05.2013

    Small not small, but own and very cozy 🙂 I already admired fb 🙂

  • 09.05.2013

    The announcement is very successful so I'm waiting for the installment in all its glory.
    PS This kind of microsoft your terrace is not 🙂

  • 09.05.2013

    how nice, you arranged everything super 🙂
    I have a balcony and a garden 🙂

  • 09.05.2013

    although the "micro" balcony :) it looks very nice, and the flowers land on it really nice :)

  • 09.05.2013

    Your balcony looks beautiful - mine is a bit too small to have a beautiful corner on it, but together with mum we have at least pots with flowers :)
    These lamps look beautiful for you - they must shine beautifully in the evenings 🙂
    Wonderful May