Very small toilet - design

very small toilet

A very small toilet is a huge interior design challenge - not only to be nice and functional, but also not to look so small at all!

The first frames from our office that you could see here presented my office, decorated in white, with stucco and golden accessories, and our ... black kitchen. Although it is impossible at first glance, you can see for yourself that these styles overlap. How did we design the upstairs toilet to connect the "male ground floor" and the "female floor"?



As you know, the downstairs of our office are kept in a dark, heavy style, and the upper floor is more feminine, light and elegant, despite the fact that e.g. loft wall, which is located on the first floor and separates the conference room from the rest of the corridor, has black steel profilesit is precisely there to make it connect and create a coherent whole - so as not to get the impression that our office is two different worlds.



I definitely feel better in light and light climates, and Wojtek - in dark and heavy climates our joint office is to constitute a whole. Because although we are different, we have a different way of running companies, we run these companies together and we also arrange the interiors together. We were sure that our male-female compromise is to guide all our life and interior design projects. That is why, when it came to designing the upstairs toilet, Wojtek left me a free hand. However, I knew that it had to match this ground floor with dark furniture, and at the same time it had to be more light, feminine.


Very small toilet

I have to tell you that our attic was there open spacethough at the moment it might be hard to believe… There was no wall there, and we knew we wanted to separate two office rooms, a conference room and a toilet. It was a difficult task. The developer gave us three options for dividing and separating these zones, but none of them appealed to us and we started looking for other solutions. I am not Zosia Samosia and I often go for expert advice, so I knew that we need an architect's help.


I contacted my graduate as soon as possible Academy of Wedding Studios, Ewelina Balcerzak, who is also an interior designer and asked her for help.


I must admit that Ewelina immediately proposed the perfect solution for dividing the zones that we liked. That is why this toilet is not typical: square or rectangular, only triangular...


We managed to do this from such a small room functional interiorthat I am downright in love.


very small toilet


But it was not without stress. One day the construction team was putting up the toilet walls designated by Ewelina and they called that ... it the room is poorly made, too small that it will not be possible to sit down and we will hit the wall with our knees… We were devastated.


We drove to the office as soon as possible, and we did the following simulation on the spot: bucket toilet, cardboard door… 😉 We decided that we are not dwarfs, but neither are we giants, and we think that it will be fine. We decided to trust our architect and order the building to continue, because ... you have to remember that this toilet is partly in Milena's room, partly in mine, and a little in the corridor, and it really had to go together. It was risky - moving the wall 10 cm to one side could make my office door would be too small or the wall would come into the window, and certainly a double sofa bed would not fit into the recess - and not just any, because it folds out. This is in case we want to go out for the weekend just for two or stay overnight on the weekend of guests.



Small toilet - tiles


The first thing I was sure of was shiny tiles with a fish scale motif from the collection Tokyo, which Maciej Zień created together with the Tubądzin brand. I saw them for the first time when I was visiting Fabryka Tubądzina in Ramy Tubądzin Blog Day 2019 and already then I knew that we were made for each other!


very small toilet tiles ichthyosis



Tiles with this motif come in two variants, the first is beige ichthyosisand the other is ichthyosis with copper elements. Although I liked the latter very much live, when I saw it on the visualization, I decided that it would be too much and I will choose more subdued colors. Fish scales it is so beautiful and ornate itselfthat the classic one, without additional shine, fits much better in our office. However, I think that if I used these tiles to decorate my home, I would definitely consider these copper scales more, because they are absolutely beautiful!


The first thing he was sure of Wojtek is black fittings.


Ewelina finally took part in the design of our entire office and knew exactly what challenges await us here. For our ichthyosis she proposed black batteries, but flush-mountedwhich will be a more delicate, perfect complement to the faucets in the lower bathroom and kitchen, and the color of the loft wall profiles.


So our guidelines were as follows: ichthyosis, black fittings and a minimalist effect.


We left the rest to Ewelina for any arrangement. And it really is first draftthat Ewelina did was already there hit the bull's eye. We haven't changed anything there! Or at least at the design stage - we changed a few things later, at the implementation stage, but in the next post I will show you what limitations we encountered.


Very small toilet - shopping

Shallowwe have chosen are:


We didn't want to have a step between the plane of the wall and the tiles on it, so after applying the tiles, we had to make the wall equal to the tiles with drywall.



Very small toilet - visualization

And this is how it all looks in the visualization in our triangular toilet:


very small toilet


Very small toilet - extras

We liked it very much an oval-shaped mirror in a black frame - ideally suited to the recess above the washbasin, where it also fits perfectly a tiny but roomy cupboard. The whole was completed by minimalistic hanging lampas well as other black accessories - we focused on consistency.


I admit that this toilet - right after my office - is my second favorite room in our entire office. And although it is a compromise, because I would probably choose golden, feminine accessories, I am really delighted with the end result. I think that if it weren't for the fact that I had to adapt to the whole office, then - to be honest - when I was going to arrange my dream toilet, I wouldn't bet on black accessories. And today, when I have them, I am delighted with the effect, the black accessories, and I am grateful that I have managed this compromise consistently.


Are you curious what the end result looks like? Check how it turned out in this post.

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    I like it very nicely :)

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    Beautiful toilet <3

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    The bathroom does not have to be large to be nice and functional 😀

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    I have exactly this mirror, but in a white frame 😀 it looks great 😀

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    I have a very similarly decorated 😀 great colors from the bathroom and optically enlarge the space

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    Maybe a small one, but how effective 😀

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    A very small toilet, like any other room, if well arranged, it will be phenomenal anyway 😀

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    Such a small toilet is nicely done. Behind the mirror, tiles imitating scales 🙂 I wonder how it looks from a different frame. But I like this oval shape too 🙂

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    The effect on the visualization ... wow! I'm waiting for the final photos 🙂

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    I am VERY curious to see what the end result looks like! These tiles remind me of a mermaid's tail. And the mirror looks great against them! I also dream of a similar tap built into the wall ... When arranging a new apartment, I will definitely choose one.

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      is already here: let me know how you like it 🙂