Very Happy 7

positive pregnancy test

I am very happy that you liked my new series, because collecting pleasure is a lot of fun for me.
My last post Where am I when I'm not here? reminded me how terribly I like being here. So I'm here with my next set.

1. Two lines

pregnancy test positive

Night add nothing less. As everything goes well, in March we will become parents.

2. Four-day vacation

A surprise gift from my husband - I knew when (although it was probably only because of my professional duties, my husband could not afford more madness), but I had no idea where. We spent 4 lovely days in Kołobrzeg.3. BMW Z4
And on vacation, a surprise awaited us - thanks to the Hotel Aquarius in Kołobrzeg and the BMW brand, we received a BMW Z4 sports convertible for the whole day, thanks to which we were able to fulfill the youngster's dream of a "tour de seaside town" with the wind in his hair and 4,7 seconds to a hundred. Review and more photos soon.

4. Kocykowo ...

In connection with the two lines, another chapter began in my life, and I feel that I would like to write about it. I am absolutely not an expert, these are my first two lines 😉 and I need to gather people who, like me, take the first steps in parenthood, as well as those who are experienced and all interested in the topic.
Not wanting to do here off top writing about creams for stretch marks or strollers, I created Kocykowo, to which I invite everyone interested in the topic. 5. A case for jewelry
As you know, I travel a lot and I love accessories, so I always take with me wherever I go. Until now, I stuffed them into cosmetic bags, jewelry packaging or even sheet packaging - so transparent with a zipper 😉 Some time ago, when I bought jewelry in one of my favorite online stores LilaboxI was tempted to felt travel case for jewelry for PLN 69,90, which recently traveled with me for the first time - not only is it beautiful, but it proved to be perfect in its role. And I felt like a perfectly packed businesswoman 😉

6. Women who worry too much

Do you also have periods in your life where you are literally worried - crap?
Are you discussing things from the past or worrying about things beyond your control?
I decided to get to work hard on myself.
After reading the literature suggestions, I chose the book Holly Hazlett-Stevens: Women who worry too much - and that was a very good choice!
Although I have only read half of it, I implement methods of fighting senseless worry, and you know what - there were results on the very first day.
If you fancy a teacher like this, the ebook book is available for purchase on for only PLN 14,90. (24,90 PLN is a regular price, but for subscribing to the Newsletter I received 5 coupons worth PLN 10, which I can use to buy any books).

7. Healthy eating

I don't like cooking - I could only enter the kitchen to change the cloths to clean ones, put a table runner that matches the color of the other accessories on the table, or make delicious coffee and sit with my friend. However, for some time now I have to take care of what I eat - and I don't mean food for two, but food for two.
Here, my husband comes to the rescue, serving nutritious breakfasts to my bed every day, and I, apart from fast food and other nasties, try to choose only healthy meals in the city and I think it works out quite well. Do you know what? It makes me really happy! Natural juices, delicious cocktails, fresh salads and my favorite wholegrain pancakes with cottage cheese and yogurt are not only healthy meals, but also delicious. And as soon as the season ends, I promise to try to start cooking healthy! How about a culinary series of articles written by a total layman?
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