Moses basket - is it really worth it?

basket of moses shnuggle reviews review

Moses basket for your baby? Read the reviews on how the Mosaic basket works and whether we would choose it for the second time.

Moses basket with the first child

Before the birth of Mikołaj, my friends lent us a wicker basket on wheels, so I could have Maluszka with me all night. The basket was absolutely beautiful and we wonderfully remember using it. It was permanently attached to the frame on wheels, which made it more of a small bed than the basket of Moses, and unfortunately it turned out to be a rather impractical solution in our three-story house - I couldn't just take it by the handles and move it to any place, put it on the sofa or bring upstairs. It was also quite wide, so it took up a lot of space.

basket of moses wicker on a stand

Moses basket by the second child

When Maks was born, richer with experience gained as debuting parents, we decided to search the Internet for the perfect solution. What should I do, which bed should I choose to have my baby always close together, wherever I go so that he feels at ease, safe, let me be calm about him?

After analyzing the products proposed in the network, I decided to basket of Moses Shnuggle. This basket is definitely more solid than the wicker one, but we also attach great importance to mobility. Of course, we don't lie in the bedroom for days - we spend a lot of time in the living room, garden, attic office or Mikołaj's room, and I wanted to have Maks with me all the time so that I wouldn't have to listen to his cry with my soul on my shoulder, taking a shower, relaxing in the garden, or writing another post for you;).

We chose Moses Shnuggle basket in DREAMI version. In Poland, it can be found in colors cream, gray and white, with or without booth. We decided on the latter, without a booth version.

Mosaic Shnugglebasket of moses muppetshop shnuggle

Basic features of Moses Shnuggle basket

The first advantage of the basket is its length - I noticed it is longer than other basketsI came across - it's 90 cm. Such a basket of Moses will serve the little one longer, I think even up to the 6 month of life - until he begins to sit down alone.

Carrying a Baby in a basket is very convenient - the handles are solid and strong, do not rub like in a wicker basket, so we can be calm about the safety of the child, moving him from place to place.

Writing about the Shnuggle basket, it is impossible not to mention the stands - ours is a DREAMI model and had dual function stand, with legs on one side and skids on the other. It works well in the living room when we all spend time together, for example playing with Mikołaj. We can then put the basket on the carpet to make it swing better - on the floor from boards it is harder to swing. Increase its stability at any time by turning the stand over - the child will also be much higher.

basket of Moses dreami

Our favorite rack for Moses

However, my favorite is ROCKING stand. It wasn't included in our set, we ordered it separately, but it was a very good choice. We wear the DREAMI stand around the house, and we put the ROCKING permanently by the bed - it takes up little space (I easily move it away from the bed), and its height This is another plus: I have no problem rocking Maks or stroking, reaching out only with my hand. I can pick him up without leaving the bed or bending over too much, which was a special relief for me, especially in the first days of the Roo's life, when after cesarean section I had not regained full fitness yet. Thanks to the small skids of the stand, even a really gentle child's movement is enough to get into rocking. Rocking cradles Maks to sleep and helps him fall into sleep again after waking up at night. However, you need to pay attention to how we put the child away - as you can see, this stand swings not from side to side, but in front-to-back. If you place the child too high, the stand may tilt so that the head will be lower than the legs. To stop rocking, I just put a book under the skid.

Mosaic Shnuggle Rocking

stuff, which the basket is made of, is absolutely safe and hypoallergenic. The lining and cover of the basket are made of good quality material that is practical and very easy to clean, it can be washed easily.

Mattress in a basket of Moses

Each basket has a set also mattress - it was made of hypoalegic foam, in my opinion it is neither too hard nor too soft (healthier for the child to sleep on too hard than too soft ground). The removable cover is important, as it is both waterproof and breathable, and can of course also be machine washed at 60 degrees. There are no sheets in the set, but you can easily buy any sheet dedicated to Mosaic baskets or gondolas, I have two - white and gray.

Moses basket

Under the mattress, along the housing, are arranged vent holesthat provide airflow. I found additional functionality for them: I put a breathing monitor in the basket, and put the mat cables through the holes. I can be calm about Maks's safety - there are no cables in the middle of the basket that the Baby could get entangled in.

In summary, what is most important in the case of Moses Shnuggle's bin is his functionality: it will serve us longer, and in addition it is very easy to carry, which is extremely important in our lifestyle, and several rack options give us the opportunity to choose one tailored to our needs.

You are still surprised that the Moses basket from Shnuggle won the award Junior Design Awards in 2014 year? Because I don't ... 😉


See also how we arranged children's corner in our bedroom as well as space to scroll and comfortable feeding Child.

What do you think about Moses' basket? Useful or unnecessary gadget?

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  • Magdalena

    Cool gift ideas. I only dream about one gift for my whole life - I would like to love and be loved.

  • Paulina

    I bought this basket and I have great doubts about the mattress, which looks like the cheapest foam cut to size. I'm afraid it's safe for my child's spine ...

    • 18.10.2019

      I wonder if we have the same mattress 😉 is made of hypoallergenic foam, evenly supports the spine and is airy - my two-year-old even likes to fall asleep in it lately 🙂

  • Bogusia

    I decided on this basket after reading your review. We used it for almost 5 months as a daily bed for my son. Works great in a small bedroom. We even traveled with him to grandparents 🙂 With a second child, I would choose a rollaway cot with the option of detaching the 1 side.

    • 11.10.2019

      Hi Bogusia! I am very pleased 🙂 we had a cot added on wheels and a rocking chair, with a pulled side, but unfortunately it did not work with us - it seemed to be too wide and the little one did not feel comfortable and friendly, had a mesh side and a lot of stimuli reached such a Baby ... and I couldn't take it where I wanted, so eventually I sold it .. But each of us has such different preferences that maybe it will be better for you 🙂

  • 30.05.2019

    beautiful basket - looks great, I don't know if a double-sided coconut mattress would be ok for it?

  • Ania

    Will the breath monitor work if I want to move the Moses Shnuggle basket from place to place often? I am thinking of a situation where the basket is at night in the bedroom and during the day in the living room. Would you have to set it up again every time?

    • 17.05.2019

      set no, but connect so - that's why I bought a second diaper monitor, and this one from the photo was only used in the cot

    • 22.05.2019

      I also confirm that the Moses basket is a very good gift. I bought a Moses basket of medium size and 🙂 My wife was delighted 😉

  • 08.04.2019

    These baskets look wonderful. Even if they cost above average. I have the impression that this is Scandinavian Swedish style. Wonderful to live in. Plus for presentations!

    • 17.05.2019

      thank you very much 🙂 I agree that this is not an expense of first necessity, the more I am glad that I could have it 🙂 convenience for Mom and Child and the beauty of the basket outstanding 🙂

  • 28.03.2019

    I saw these baskets and I like them visually, but I was just wondering if it's worth ...

    • 17.05.2019

      I used every day from 1 day to 7 month. If you can afford it, in my opinion you will be satisfied. I would undoubtedly buy it for the second time. They can be easily sold later 🙂 I remember when Maksio started to sit down and moved him to the cot - I was not so comfortable, although it was also near the bed,

  • Aga

    And I really like this old basket 🙂 Will you tell us what company?

  • Martyn

    I also bought this basket, but for some time I have not been bothered by the issue of airflow in it. So much is said that the rungs in the crib can not be clogged so that the child has a free flow of air, which is to prevent cot death. What does the issue look like in this basket, which "walls" have, after all, all built up?

  • Asia

    Did the Sanuza diaper breathing monitor go crazy like a child twisted sideways?

    • 09.01.2019

      No, but sometimes it slid down and of course the alarm was activated.

  • 21.11.2018

    cool! I will definitely buy for my sister-in-law 🙂

  • 21.11.2018

    cool! I will definitely buy for my sister-in-law 🙂

  • Marta

    Good morning, I really like this Moses basket, but watching it at the store display I wonder how it is with the mattress in this basket. In my opinion it is thin, there is an option to buy a mattress but it is also supposed to have 2 cm

    • 14.08.2018

      In my opinion, the mattress is great 🙂 it really did not even occur to me that it may be too thin. Too thin or too hard? Puppies should sleep on a fairly hard surface.

  • Natalia

    I would also like to know what breathing monitor will fit this Moses basket model. Thank you in advance for the information:)

    • 10.08.2018

      When Maks fell asleep, I put a book under the skid and turned on the monitor, and because I was still carrying the basket, and Maks slept a lot in the stroller (we also have a garden) I bought a Snuz diaper portable breathing monitor. We use it today.

    • Natalia

      Thank you! Will Snuza also work for an older child who is already sleeping on his tummy?

    • 13.08.2018

      Maks is already sleeping on his tummy - which gives me a heart attack 😉 - and that does not disturb the monitor in any way. The only thing that annoyed me was this strong breathing diode, so I put a slice on it to make it less intense.

    • Natalia

      I completely understand the medicine when sleeping on the tummy 🙂 we also have a second baby soon and a cold sweat will flood me 🙂 I am considering buying Snuzy or Babysense - unfortunately Angelcare is already withdrawn from sale in Poland. The only doubt about Snuza I have when sleeping on my tummy - is it not sticking and bothering the baby. And how did Snuza work when Maks was still in the stump? Thank you very much for help!

    • 14.08.2018

      Snuza does not have to be centrally where the navel can be from the side, in front of the hip bone, for example. We probably bought it when the stump was gone. I know that Angel Care is withdrawn, I have it after Mikusia, then it was sold normally. The question is whether the Toddler will not sleep with you, whether he will always be put away in the cot, or if there is a Moses basket, then carrying with a breath monitor is tedious and extra kilos and you need to take the whole device. It didn't work for us. The alarm was also activated if I was swinging the basket, and then the Toddler fell asleep - the monitor should turn off during the rocking and I often forgot about it.

  • Aneta

    What breath monitor did you choose? I want my daughter to sleep in the mobile basket for the first months, but also the breath monitor is very important to me. I really like the rocking base, but I read on some page that the cot monitor must be stable for the breath monitor ... How does the breath monitor and rocker work together?

    • 10.08.2018

      I turn on the breath monitor when the Toddler is asleep and the cot is not swinging - I put the book under the skid and turn on the monitor. We have a double-plate Angel Care after Maks, although with Maks I invested in a diaper monitor just because the baby was sleeping in the basket and in the pram and with us, and this one worked best for us - Snuza diaper portable breathing monitor.