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The environment in which we wake up every morning and go to sleep after a day, calm down, relax, regenerate, has a significant impact on our well-being. So let's arrange the bedroom so that it feels as comfortable as possible.


A bedroom is a place where we spend a lot of time, usually sleeping, unless someone is the parent of an infant - then it is not only a dream, but hugging, feeding, rocking ... 😉

  Bedroom, bedside table, pink pillows


They are extremely important to me bedroom accessories and ritualsthat make me feel special every day. Small, seemingly unimportant things that make me feel in my own bedroom like in the best hotel: subdued colors, comfortable bed, white bedding, breakfast served on a tray, scented candle, good bedtime book or daily bedding - things that do not require large financial outlays or work, and of great importance.


When we moved into our house, we painted the wall in the room a dim green (Beckers Designer Healing gray). For a long time, we wished to rearrange this space - finally we found it for a while and decided to arrange a modern bedroom, matching the style of the other interiors - we focused on gray.

 Monogram, bedroom initials, gray headboard

White bedding in the bedroom, pink pillows, bedside tables, wall lamps, monogram


A comfortable bedroom bed is the basis. In our case it was clear from the beginning that it would be upholstered continental bed. I like them very much, because it is elegant, practical, durable, and in addition it fits both traditional and modern interiors. I also wanted to make it practical - a bed with container for bedding gives the possibility of storing additional bedding, pillow cases or a blanket, and even a suitcase, thanks to which we have gained additional space for storage.

 Gray bedroom, white bedding, pink pillows, breakfast in bed


As you probably know, I like pastel colors, that's why decorative pillows on the bedroom bed I chose powder pink - they go great with white satin sheets.

 Baby, white bedding, pink pillows


Earlier, bedside reading lights provided us with bedtime reading. This time we fixed on both sides of the bed sconces. We chose such with built-in switches, thanks to which it is not necessary to install additional switches in the wall - after metamorphosis it is definitely more effective. LED wall lamps were screwed into the wall lamps immediately, giving a warm light, conducive to relaxation, ideal for reading before bed.

 Bedroom wall lights, bedside table, gray bedroom


In life, we follow the slogan less is more, so when it comes to bedroom furniture, we focus on minimalizm: on both sides of the bed are located small bedside tablesand for my part the bed of course basket of Moses at your fingertips, so I can beat Maks at any time.

  Breakfast in bed, breakfast tray, bedroom

Gray bedroom, gray bed, white bedding


To - despite the creation of a simple, almost hotel-like interior - personalize the bedroom, we hung a white above the bed monogram from plywood with our initials, and on the bedside tables - ours family photos.


Bedside table, bedroom wall lamp, family photo, gray bedroom

gray bedroom, white bedding, decorative pillows, monogram, tray with breakfast

Sleeping baby, white bedding


How do you like our bedroom after metamorphosis?

Little is enough and the difference is colossal!



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The post featured:

Paint - Flügger 5372, Dekso 5 Mat Strong | Easy to clean

Bed - Incris

Bedside tables - IKEA

Sconces - Agata salons

White bedding - Agata salons 

Pink pillows - H&M Home

Monogram - Corten Design 

Moses Basket - Muppetshop

Feet tray - Wedding gift


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