Will you have a emperor? Just don't tell anyone about it!

caesarean section and scar after cesarean section

Even if you have indications for a caesarean section, for example the gluteal position at the first delivery, for a narrow pelvis or discopathy, you know that a threatened and burdened pregnancy will have to be terminated ahead of time so that the baby is more likely to be healthy, or you all happen at once, absolutely don't tell anyone you're likely to have a cesarean!


If you know me a bit, you know that whenever there is a choice, I will always support the one that is closer to nature, more eco-friendly, without unnecessary modifications. I undoubtedly support the idea of ​​natural births. Preferably at home, with your favorite music and candlelight. But it's not always possible, it's not always safe, that's for the best. More and more often, children are born who would never be born without the intervention of medicine or pharmacology. Unfortunately, their mothers very often fall victim to other mothers-terrorists ...


That is why today I will tell you why it is sometimes worth biting your tongue and even if you only suspect that your baby will be born by caesarean section, simply do not admit it to whomever he misses. Otherwise, you'll learn things after which your life may never be the same again ...


You will learn that:


- You are a bad mother! The baby has not been born yet and the whole world shows you that you are already angry. And you won't even have a baby. Yet the emperor is not childbirth.


- You are afraid of delivery. And this is shame and shame. Those who give birth are not afraid of anything and nothing!


- The emperor hurts a lot more than a natural delivery. Of course, childbirth hurts above all during a cesarean section after the fact ... Many mothers will tell you about it, especially those who only had a caesarean section. They know best.


- For sure you have no indication for the emperor. Your doctor is wrong, and this friend is right. Or a neighbor. Or your mother's neighbor. Or her neighbor. Just see point 2.


- Sure The child is not arranged at all gluteal, that's the only way you wrote in the pregnancy card. Because of course you are afraid of giving birth. And the entry in the pregnancy card obliges. Before giving birth, they will not do any tests for you and this scam will only come to light when they open your stomach. Don't worry, you'll say it just turned around.


- You don't want the best for your child. You are selfish and only think about yourself. Because… you are afraid of giving birth.


- You had to pay a lot. Because you certainly don't have indications for the emperor.


- You will have problems with breastfeeding. And at your own request. So you'll be a bad mother.


- Your child will have problems. With everything, and it's just problems. You will learn that children after caesarean section have problems with balance. With playing sports. With a touch. They are tearful and rude. They have colic. It is best to sign up the child for rehabilitation immediately.


Or maybe you won't be a real mother at all? You didn't give birth.

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