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the best organic cosmetics

I get lots of questions about organic cosmetics that I use, so today a small supplement of what I show you on Instagram or Facebook. Today I will tell you about my skin care this fall.

Summer is forgotten, but our skin probably still remembers it well. It can still be thicker - this is how she defended herself against the sun and wind in the summer. It is probably also dry, and the fact that it tends to shine does not deny it at all. It may also have discoloration - souvenirs of sunbathing. That is why my care this fall is focused on exfoliating, moisturizing and nourishing. Not only at the beautician's, but also every single day.


Evening care in 5 steps

1 step. Clarisonic facial brush

You can read a review of this brush here. I love the brush, but unfortunately I still haven't found the perfect liquid for it, so I'm still testing and looking. I will be pleased to meet your favorite make-up removal gels, which are as natural as possible.


2 step. Smoothing oil for face washing and make-up removal from Clochee

Smoothing face and make-up removing oil from Clochee reviews

After washing the makeup with a brush, I pour a portion of the oil onto a cotton pad and gently apply it to the eyelids, rubbing it very gently. The skin around the eyes is even 10 times thinner than on the rest of the face and requires special treatment. In fact, it is the first oil that allowed me to make such an ultra-gentle make-up removal for my eyes and their surroundings.

This oil is based mainly on high-quality sweet almond oil, rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and E, and sesame oil rich in minerals and vitamin B. Thus, it not only removes makeup fantastically, but also nourishes and soothes and improves elasticity - this is what I missed when using the micellar eye make-up remover.

I bought the oil on the Clochee manufacturer's website - I just had a valid discount code, but the company's cosmetics are often cheaper in competitive stores, so I always check the best price at tu - as you can see, you can save a lot.

If you want to save on makeup removal, try sesame or almond oil from a health food store for this purpose. It is important that they are unrefined and cold pressed - then they will retain most of the nutrients. You can read about my favorite uses of coconut oil here.

3 step. A soothing antioxidant tonic from Clochee

Soothing antioxidant tonic from Clochee reviews

I pump one or two portions of tonic onto a cotton pad and wipe the whole face, neck and cleavage. It certainly does not dry, does not remove, gives a feeling of hydration, also allows you to remove makeup residue, if you did not succeed in the previous steps.

I bought it together with the oil on the Clochee website, but I recommend that you check where it is each time best offer for this tonic.


4 step. Cream with lactobionic acid from Organicseries

Cream with lactobionic acid from Organicseries reviews

For many years I was looking for a face cream. No ideal, although one that my sensitive skin would even accept. So far, after a few or a dozen days, each cream ceased to be tolerated by my skin. Then there are pimples, imperfections and inflammation. Some creams already come off the first time you use it, when you feel stinging and stinging. Others when I get up in the morning and look in the mirror. However, a large part is acceptable at the sample stage, and when I decide to buy a full product and use it for the next days, problems start and such a cosmetic ends up on the shelf, and then I give it to my family. A dermatologist or a beautician say that this is an intolerance to certain ingredients present in creams. What kind? We didn't get to that. And so for many years I have been buying a new face cream once a month or two, with less and less hope for success and accepting the dehydrated skin that remains when skin care is finished with makeup removal.

When my friend became pregnant, she lent me her favorite cream for further tests, I had no great hopes and I didn't promise myself anything. To my surprise, the cream was fully accepted by my capricious complexion, not only for a day or two, but at least two weeks. Then I decided to buy my own cream - initially in a small 50 ml package, and after emptying it (the first whole care cream in my life!), I would buy a second, this time as much as a 200 ml package. I am happy that I can finally moisturize and nourish my skin which unfortunately requires it at the age of 30+. In addition, the cream is in a vacuum package with a pump - bacteria and air do not get inside, so it stays fresh and hygienic for much longer.

I know that every face is different, but each needs different if you have it sensitive, combination skin, prone to imperfections and you're still looking for that perfect cream, it's really worth a try. If you have any other cream and you are looking for a cream for yourself, be sure to try other creams from this company, my mother gave a cream for mature skin and has already bought a third package. She loves them, and the 200 ml capacity is very beneficial. It contains 95% nutrients, 98% certified ingredients and 100% natural ingredients. That's it!

I buy it from a wholesaler, it is available in two sizes 50ml i 200ml


5 step. Eye cream forte from Organicseries

Eye cream forte from Organicseries

After my fascination with the lactobionic acid cream, I decided to use an eye cream from the same company. It is in my favorite, vacuum package with a pump, it does not cause any irritation (it used to be different with pharmacy creams), and most importantly - I see an improvement in the condition of the skin around the eyes. I will be happy to use the entire package and who knows, maybe it will stay with me for a long time.

To buy on the site OrganicSeries.


Morning care in 3 steps

1 step. Clean water

After a night, I rinse my face with clean water and do not use any detergents on my face, and rinse it with clean water. I laugh that I wash sleep off my face.


2 step. A soothing antioxidant tonic from Clochee

Soothing antioxidant tonic from Clochee reviews

The one I use in the evening helps to wash away the impurities that appeared on the face at night.


3 step. Moisturizing cream with a natural filter from Organicseries

Organicseries moisturizing cream with a natural filter

When I wrote this post a few weeks ago, I put Organique's Normalizing Cream for oily and acne-prone skin here, but I still felt that we were probably not made for each other. It still felt like it was just stuffing me up. So I decided to buy a small cream from Organicseries and as you can see in the picture I am just finishing the first packaging - I took out the pump to get it to the last drop. It works very well under makeup, although it does not mattify the skin, but the complexion does not shine any more. I also use it sometimes at night instead of with acid. After using all the packaging, I can say that the skin is visibly more moisturized and supple. This is certainly not the end of our relationship, although as another day cream I will order a cream for couperose skin, because unfortunately enlarged blood vessels and red skin also accompany me.


In the pictures you can also see a bamboo peeling, which I apply once a week. But he devotes a separate topic to such cosmetics for special tasks.

And how do you care about your complexion? Do you have regular care rituals or are you still at the search stage? Do you like cosmetic routine or constant changes and experiments? And do you read the compositions of what you apply to your skin? As always, I am waiting for your comments and suggestions.

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  • Monia

    Ever since I got to know Korean cosmetics, I always check the ingredients of the products and I can't imagine leaving home without sunscreen. I will definitely try the one from Organicseries, because it's not the first time I've seen his command.

  • 15.05.2020

    Cream with a natural filter from Organicseries I recommend!

  • 02.04.2020

    I have also been trying to buy cosmetics without parabens for a long time, it has become quite popular that probably all of us already pay attention to the composition of cosmetics. I just have an acne complexion so it's hard for me to choose a good face cosmetic. Maybe you suggest something?

    • Agnieszka Kudela

      I am glad that more and more people pay attention to this. In my case, apart from cosmetics, the change of diet was also very important. I don't have acne-prone skin, so I won't help - I only used cosmetics in the post. But I recommend the whole organic series - maybe you will find something for yourself there.

  • 27.05.2019

    oo! I didn't know these brands:

  • Patricia

    Recently I had the opportunity to get acquainted with Naturavit cosmetics, I think they are really noteworthy. I try to use decent, ecological cosmetics myself, I have big problems with my complexion, many things irritate my skin. What's more, these are Polish cosmetics, for me one of the better ones that I had the opportunity to use.

    • Iza

      I also love Naturativ cosmetics, they are 100% natural, moisturizing very well, the balm I use has revitalized my skin and after that it makes my body smell beautiful. I think that cosmetics from this company are worth having, the choice is large, so surely everyone will find something just like me

  • marietta

    Femi cream works best for me

  • Asia

    Consciousness is growing more and more clearly. The popularity of organic natural cosmetics is increasing and an increasing number of manufacturers of this type are appearing on the market.

  • justyna k

    I see from your blog that you love everything ecological and in harmony with nature :)
    And how is it when you take supplements typically from a pharmacy or do you focus on fruit and vegetables? Now it is very easy to get them but what in winter? I came across recently natural chemistry-free supplements such as Look Up, what do you think about them?

    • Faustina curl

      I also take this supplement :) Before, I traditionally took some pharmacy supplements, but it did not help much. A familiar dietitian recommended something natural to me so that I would start taking the choice fell on lookUp and I'm happy with them today.

  • Paulina

    What is the spv cream with organicseries?