A horn, blanket, sleeping bag, swaddle, or maybe a quilt and pillow?

quilt cone swaddle

What to cover a sleeping Child with are probably the most common questions I get from Young Parents… right after what to wear them. Today I will deal with this dilemma!

Personally, we've probably tested all the ways to cover a child: a cone, blanket, sleeping bag, swaddle, quilt. Which one is the best?


It all depends on the age of the child

So, products that worked for a newborn baby are completely unsuitable for a one-year-old child.



For the newborn, the horn works best, and actually works perfectly. Why? Because it provides almost everything that such a baby needs from the cover, which is warm and cramped.


Which cone to choose?

Go completely indifferent to the stiffened cones (who even invented it?) And go to those made of natural materials. Tiny Babies in the first weeks after childbirth have problems with thermoregulation and in the initial period I admit that I used a fleece-finished cone, but I am not a fan of them (fleece is 100% plastic ...). That's why, apart from this one warm cone, I tried to choose cotton or terry ones.

We took the horn with us to the hospital:



He was also with us during the first morning in our home:



And every other day, until Mikuś began to turn himself from one side to another, that is, it was around 5 around the month of the child's life.



Why is a quilt or blanket for a newborn baby not a good idea?

The child has a reflex to lift the hands up and can simply throw such a quilt over his head, which is dangerous for him. We checked. Ours accused.


And the swaddle?

We had 3 different covers: Woombie, Aden + Anais and a muslin diaper. Certainly not every child likes to be wrapped up so tightly, but Mikołajk had a period that he liked very much.


swaddle Aden + Anais review

Muslin diaper cover


An infant who starts to turn sideways

This is a very important moment when you should give up the cone, because the child hanging around in it may have trouble breathing when the part that should be under the head hits the face.

So we replaced the cone with a sleeping bag. I know that not all children accept sleeping bags, but there was no problem with us. I had a bigger problem in using the sleeping bag, for example to change my diaper at night, wear a baby or bounce, not to mention the downpour.


A year-old who begins to stand up

Of course, every child has a different age, so the word "yearling" is such a simplification. Getting up in a sleeping bag can be problematic for the child, the sleeping bag should not inhibit his physical development, so it was the moment when we gave up the sleeping bag for a quilt. The reflex of throwing the quilt does not occur with Mikołaj anymore, with the rest of Mika, she usually sleeps on the quilt instead of under the quilt ... From birth, we also have a breathing monitor in the crib, so it allows us to feel calmer.


What about protectors?

Until our child starts to turn sideways, we do not need the rung pads. But when it starts, it may be necessary - just like with us. Preferably around the entire bed (many children love to sleep like the hands of a watch, in all directions). It is very important that the bumper has a lot of strong strings, that it is firmly attached to the crib so that the child cannot get tangled in it.


And the pillow? Where's the pillow?

Do you know what the appropriate age is for your baby to sleep on a pillow? The kind when she goes for a pillow herself and brings it to herself. Seriously! For a child to be happy, a pillow is not needed and may even be harmful. No cuddly, fluffy, tall or short… And I didn't make it up myself.

A wedge-type pillow is used, which we use today, but it would be best to raise the bottom of the cot / cot on one side up a few degrees so that the child lies on a perfectly flat surface.


What specific products are worth choosing?

In the next post from the series #layette I will prepare for you a list of products that we have used with comments that we recommend, which we advise against and which we would like to buy now.


Well, what ... good night, because I made myself sleepy 😉

PS. Moms, write what are your expectations and experiences!
PPS. Each child is different, my advice is like a friendly chat. It's best to consult your doctor before making a final decision. Or pharmacist 😉 Or best with mother-in-law. They know everything best 😉
PPPS. Greetings to our mother-in-law!


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  • 22.12.2020

    My baby is already bigger, but the choice of duvet for him was not so obvious either. I must have read all the articles available on the Internet! In the end, I decided on an anti-allergic duvet with cotton filling and I am very happy 🙂

  • 21.11.2020

    We used blankets of various types and thicknesses like cones, wrapping the tails in the shape of a cone. The child was pressing down on the sides with its weight and it held on 🙂 We had one real cone. This is probably quite a popular solution, especially in Poland, right?

  • 22.10.2020

    A very comprehensive and substantive entry about what actually works and is worth having for your newborn baby.

  • Kuzi

    I absolutely recommend the cones from CocoBird, the material is very delicate, non-allergenic, and it has great quality and durability after many washes. And the style itself is really great, it's a shame that you can only buy online, but if someone decides, it's really worth it.

    • Julita

      I had luna dream - also great quality! and I washed it, because it is known that the child will rain, sweat, and indestructible, yet very delicate. I am very happy with it.

  • Paulina

    Bamboo cover has been in use since the first days of life and it worked great. The decision was influenced by the fact that I gave birth in the middle of summer, and bamboo has excellent thermoregulatory properties. We have never used a cone.

  • Martyn

    And what to wear a baby sleeping in a cone?

    • On

      I had luna dream, neither thick nor thin, just the same and there was a body and a thin clown, but it's on colder days

  • 26.04.2019

    A baby horn is a necessary accessory right after delivery akcesor

  • 19.04.2019

    I like the products of these first 2 companies in the table. The products have a good composition and are tasty

  • 21.02.2019

    Very nice entry, I was just looking. It's very interesting that babies don't need a pillow!

  • Ola

    I am just using the pink no more swaddle and it works for me in 100% 🙂 the baby is calm, sleepy and seems so relaxed 😉 the swaddle wraps the body very well, but it is primarily breathable.

  • Agnieszka Kowalska

    We have been using the Kokonik swaddle for a month now. I was skeptical at first, but a friend of mine recommended us and I have to admit that it really works. We opted for bamboo - it is natural and very pleasant to the touch. I recommend not only to frustrated parents;)

  • Marta

    Hello, I have a question, was there a problem with the child's weaning from the comforter? When did you use it and how did you get used to it?

    • Magdalena Kropa

      I also used the Tulik swaddle. and we had no problem switching to a sleeping bag. Approximately 3 of the month, the camo reflex subsided and therefore it made no sense to continue using the cover.

  • Wioletta Pilch

    Where can I find a post with the promised product combination? 🙂 regards

  • Justine

    How do you get this information about a baby pillow? As my Wojtuś had about 8 months, I asked our lady rehabilitant (the little one needs to be rehabilitated, although this is nothing to do with it, anyway, it is a sentence of the most knowledgeable person) when I can give a pillow. She said that the 8-month-old baby should have a thin pillow to keep the hip-shoulder-head line. So that the cervical spine during sleep of the child on the belly is not loaded, so that the head does not fall. Although at first I was afraid that he would suffocate, I would look into the cot every now and then.

    • 29.03.2016

      This is what the well-known and outstanding Physiotherapist Paweł Zawitkowki says:
      “When a child comes to their parents' bed and takes a pillow and starts sleeping on it, this is the time for a pillow (...) until then, no child needs a pillow for anything.
      With the pillow, the main system of the neck and spine changes and this changes abnormally. This is a very important period when the curves of the spine are formed ... https://youtu.be/NbsS12J_ZlY

  • 26.11.2015

    I can't believe that our little ones were such mini mini <3 Mickey here, such a sweet little baby! Munch is not enough: *

    • 29.03.2016

      Such a small Kruszynka that I barely recognize him myself 🙂

  • Marta Brylińska

    Do you have any cones that you can safely recommend? :)

    • 10.11.2015

      I really appreciated the cones, which were covered with cotton, not fleece or minky, and with these I really liked the froth cone from Smyk, it was absolutely nice, I saw that La Millou introduced the cones (a year ago, it was not there) - I have a blanket and other accessories from them and I am very happy with them, so I think I would choose something there 🙂

    • Marta Brylińska

      Great, thank you very much.

  • www.fashionable.com.pl

    I loved it when my mother packed my younger siblings into hooks; ) and I wore and hugged;)

    • 20.10.2015

      Come on, what to bear us up and cuddle us <3

  • Natalia

    Post super super I will send to my friend who is a young mother. And I have a question, where did you buy such a beautiful gray bedding for your bed?

    • 19.10.2015

      BRW stationary store. We also have the same, only golden one - I didn't have better quality bedding. And not more beautiful either 😉

  • Kasia

    Cool post 🙂 What breathing monitor did you use and are you satisfied with it. I'm at the stage of choosing and I really don't know what to do… I also depend on videoniani. Do you use Please advice :)))

    • 19.10.2015

      Thank you Kasia.
      We have a nanny Angelcare and I highly recommend her, only NECESSARY version with two plates. A nanny with one tile gives a lot of false alarms, in ours with two this problem was practically absent.
      We received the electronic nanny as a gift, so we chose the breath monitor without the Nanny function in order not to overpay unnecessarily. Recently, however, we are getting ready to move the Baby to his own room, so we bought Videononia to keep an eye on him, we use it now as we are in the living room and Miki sleeps at the top, but I have no idea what model it is, it has a wonderful picture even or especially at night, you can connect it to the Internet and have a preview on your phone or tablet. I will ask Wojtek to review it because it's a male topic with us 😉

    • Anna Butterfly

      I am also interested in the topic of breathing monitor, because we are at the selection stage 🙂

    • Agnieszka / dependent on travel

      hey hey - and what? was this review created? 🙂

    • 17.08.2017

      Well, no ... in the end, we were tired of connecting to the phone, because at home we try to use the phone as little as possible and finally we decided to have a breathing monitor with a baby monitor and a camera in one. The image may not be as great as on the phone because the screen is smaller, but everything is easier to use and more convenient for us 🙂