Breastfeeding and a date with her husband or return to work

breastfeeding and return to work

There are a lot of reasons why we must leave our Baby with someone other than ourselves. School or college, work or additional assignment, case in court or other official matters, stay in the hospital, own or with an older child, and even a datewith my husband or going to the cinema with a friend - it does not necessarily mean that we have to give up breastfeeding, or that we will have to feed the child with formula milk. Today I will tell you how I organized breastfeeding while running my own business ...


and even coordinating the client's wedding less than 2 months after delivery.


The basis of the Wedding Planner profession is availability and long-term planning - when I assumed the coordination of this wedding, I did not even know that by then I would get pregnant and give birth to another child, which will then be less than 2 months old. Customers' trust in the Wedding Planner is the basis of work in this industry and our company, and I knew that I had enough time to prepare myself and my child for this departure.


Not only this exit was a challenge for me - it happened that I had to drive to the company for a moment, have a meeting or sign documents - I always took a newborn or a few-month-old baby with me, apart from exceptional meetings with clients - then I was traveling with my husband who was in the next room with the baby, and I could approach him at any time and feed him. On the other hand, I could not take my few-day-old son to coordinate the wedding.


Making up for lost time

I knew that remorse would not help anyone here, so when I was with my son, I allowed us to be with him on his terms, always feeding on demand, also to make up for emotional and physical intimacy. I remember when Maks was a few months old and I led her for the first time after giving birth Course for Wedding Planner and for 4 days after 9 hours I was away from home. Immediately after the course, I went with my husband and children for a small vacation to Olsztyn to make up for our closeness.


Feeding at a distance

Until 6 a month, I fed Maks only breastfeeding (I described the adventure with diet extension here), so leaving him even for two hours, I had to leave him my milk.


Expressing milk

Both at Mikuś and Maks, I pumped my food with an electric breast pump - at home, getting ready to go out a few days earlier, and also outside the house. The electric breast pump allowed me to express my milk easily and painlessly in each of these situations.


Each of us has lactation of varying intensity. Mine was, barely enough, one could say (I wrote about my lactation crisis here) - when pumping at home, I always did it after I finished feeding. I couldn't allow myself to express milk between feedings, because then I didn't have enough of this food for the next feed. When I was away from home, I pumped milk every three hours, around the time I would feed Maks.


When I leave the house, I have in mind that the best milk we have is the one I give within 24 hours of pumping [1], so when planning my outings, I tried to plan them to give my baby freshly expressed milk as often as possible, instead of always freeze them and give them to the baby unfrozen. That's why when I expressed my milk just before I left, I didn't put it in the fridge - I saw that Maks would eat it within three hours and during that time nothing bad could happen to the milk. However, if it did not work out, I did not care that I served chilled or frozen milk, because the mother's food stored in the refrigerator, or even unfrozen, is still incomparably better than the artificial one.


return to work after maternity



Storage of expressed milk

How much milk can stand? [1]

At room temperature - up to 6 hours

In a refrigerator (maximum temperature <10 ° C) - up to 3 days

In a refrigerator (maximum temperature <4 ° C) - up to 8 days

Freezer (maximum temperature -18 ° C) - 6 months


My refrigerator does not contain more than 4 ° C, so for the sake of simplicity I remember this rule as "the 6 principle"- 6 hours, 6 days, 6 months.

It is worth keeping the milk in the fridge at the back, where it is the coldest, not at the door or on it, where it is the warmest.



What to store the expressed milk?

In my career as a nursing mother, I used three different breast pumps. Each of them had the opportunity expressing milk directly into the bottle, one on which I could put a teat on and feed the Baby, as well as a special one food bag - extremely useful when all food bottles are full.


pouches for storing food


The most convenient way was to drain the milk to the breast pump with the bottle attached, but when all of them were full, I occasionally used the bags.


Milk expressed in a refrigerator, i.e. the fastest intended for consumption, it was easiest to store in a bottle. In addition to the one attached to the breast pump, I had a few extra - I carried them in my bag, so it was easier for me and without the risk that the bottle would break and flood the contents of the bag.


food storage bottles storage of breast milk


But when planning to store food in the freezer, I almost always used it special bags for storing and freezing food. They have very nice labels - I wrote down the date of collection and the amount of expressed milk, and you can even do it with a regular pen. I left the field empty for an hour. Since I could store the milk for up to six months, this value did not matter to me. Sometimes I also used them in the refrigerator.


how much breast milk can standfood bags


This is a discovery - I froze flat pouches with food - thanks to this I save a lot of space, the notes on the bag were easier to read, and the food thawed faster - only pluses! So that the bags do not stick together when they freeze, I put them in pieces of paper towel. I also regularly looked at frozen milk and arranged it according to the date of delivery, always the oldest at the top for faster use.


freezing bags



How to defrost mother's milk?

We've got milk it is best to defrost in the fridge - that is, slowly, thanks to which it will retain the most nutritional value. After defrosting, the milk should be consumed within 12 hours. If I was in a hurry, I would put them in warm water - but never warmer than 37 ° C, so that it would not lose valuable value - shaking the bag regularly for faster defrosting.


Absolutely however Do not freeze thawed milk once.


thawing breast milk



How to serve breast milk?

The expressed milk can be given using a syringe or a tiny cup (as for syrup, you can also buy such containers for administering medicines at the pharmacy - they will work perfectly). I recommend this method especially for newborns, so as not to disturb their learning to suck the breast, or to make the baby lazy with bottle feeding (sucking a bottle is much easier for a baby than the breast - milk almost flies by itself, which may make the baby less likely to suckle the breast, and it also requires a different technique). You can of course also feed bottle - it cannot be denied that although manufacturers compete in the production of breast-like teats, the method of sucking milk from a bottle is different.


Personally, after the adventure of feeding milk with a syringe (when I had too little food after giving birth, I gave the child every expressed quantity), in the second month of life, when breastfeeding did not cause us any technical problems, I started to give Maks my milk in a glass bottle with a teat from time to time. Although at that time I was taking my son everywhere with me and did not have to give him expressed milk, I had in my head the coordination of the wedding and the fact that sooner than later I would have to leave my son for a few hours and wanted drinking from the bottle was not associated with him extra stress. However, I chose a bottle with the smallest possible hole so that the Toddler, eating from the bottle, also had to make an effort.


Why choose a glass bottle?

Glass bottles are ecological and biodegradable, but most importantly - the easiest way to keep them in perfect condition - they are very easy to scrub, they do not scratch from the brush to cleaning, they do not absorb odors, do not collect sediments and do not stain from juices. For our first son, we initially used plastic bottles, which after a few months were only suitable for the trash, and then we switched to glass bottles that we still use today. It is worth having a glass bottle from the same company as the breast pump - the added benefit is that all feeding accessories fit together.

glass bottles for children


At what temperature should mother's food be served?

We can give the expressed milk in room temperature, but not all children like such cool milk, it's worth it then heat by placing the bottle in warm (but not hot) water. You should never heat milk in the microwave.

After using the bottle, until Maksio is half a year old, once a day I disinfected them in a sterilizer. When Maks started to eat from the floor, I did it less often 😉


glass bottle



When a child refuses to eat from the bottle

I was afraid of leaving my son for the first time and he would refuse to eat from the bottle when I was far away from him and I couldn't help him. Therefore, before I left Maks with Dad for the first time, I made sure that he would be able and wanted to eat from a bottle, training this skill earlier. I know children who were able to protest and during the entire 8 hours of absence we are not to take the bottle, so it's worth checking it out before we leave the Baby for the first time. Some children, especially older than 6 months, are great at drinking milk from a cup or a water bottle.


lansinoh bottle



Expressing milk at work

My work is different in nature - sometimes they are whole days spent in the office, and sometimes outside it, in hotels, at meetings, outdoors or away. Therefore, when leaving home, I always had a breast pump and containers for storing expressed milk.


My first lonely trip to work for the whole day was the one to coordinate the wedding of my clients - there was no intimate place in the wedding hall to pump milk, and I did not want to do it in the toilet, so I quickly understood that working mobile, the car will be my asylum. I also used it for this purpose when I returned to training, and for many months I was expressing milk for even two breast pumps to fit during breaks - I did not always have enough milk at home and care to express milk during the day just enough for the next day was extremely important to me. I have to admit to you that my determination to work with two different breast pumps in the hotel parking lot makes me a bit proud


Initially I used the power supply breast pump - at home and in the office - with battery option - outside the office, i.e. primarily in the car. At that time, I couldn't forget about the battery supply, but unfortunately the breast pump had less power on the batteries, so the pump took longer, and when the batteries were discharged (for example, in winter, when I left the pump in a cool car, it happened much faster) I was unable to express milk .


Because I fell in love with a USB-operated breast pump - by powerbanku, Chargers or even laptop! Since when the USB cable I could connect directly to the phone charger in the car, I gained real comfort and independence. I no longer needed any batteries or an electrical outlet, because outside my home, office or car, any powerbank or even the mentioned laptop was enough for me - you can see it in the photo below - and it works 😀


Lansinoh Compact Electric Breast Pump


I remember the great relief I felt when Maks started to eat solid foods, one portion of my milk was enough for the whole day of training and I did not have to express milk outside the home every 2-3 hours to make up my home reserves. Therefore, if you go back to work, when your child is already half a year and older, you can be much calmer!


What if Mom runs out of milk?

I really didn't want to give the baby artificial milk, especially because of Maks' allergy. My pediatrician was also against it and recommended plant milk for emergencies. A balanced diet, breastfeeding and plant-based milk have been our safe and healthy solution from time to time - this milk stayed with us even after we stopped breastfeeding. There is no need to give your baby modified milk after the end of breastfeeding at the age of one and three months (of course, it is worth asking a dietitian or pediatrician for a balanced diet). Oat milk, millet milk, and from time to time also rice, coconut or almond milk have become a permanent part of the diet of our entire family.


How much is all this?

At first it seemed to me that the breast pump, bottles and pouches for storing food were quite expensive, but I did not know then how many cans of modified milk a child needs per month and I did not multiply them by the price of one. It even 300-500 PLN per month depending on milk! Therefore, without remorse I bought more bags for freezing food and I knew that I still saved a lot of money (and health) compared to buying modified milk.


Which breast pump should you choose?

The basic choice you'll face will be between manual and electric breast pump. Which is better?


Manual or electric breast pump?

The basic difference between them is of course both included in the price and in the comfort of use. Personally, I already took the electric breast pump for childbirth - I had a good feeling, because later it turned out that my lactation did not start immediately after giving birth and it was the breast pump that helped me a lot. I was glad to choose the electric one because I barely had the strength to express - and I did it after each 7-5-3 feed, i.e. for half an hour every 2-2,5 hours. After adding the time needed for changing and caring for the Newborn, I didn't have much time to rest (You can read the whole story of my fight for food here). They were very helpful too two expressing phases - Our baby sucks his breast a little bit differently than when the milk flows smoothly. I will tell you about them below.


I also knew that I would want to breastfeed for at least a year and I would go back to work sooner, so I put on a breast pump that is as quiet as possible. I also wrote to you above about the problems with powering the breast pump outside the home - that's why choosing a USB-powered breast pump connected to the power supply or power bank was a shot for me in 10! However, if you have already started lactation, you do not plan to leave the baby outside of exceptional occasions and you intend to use the breast pump occasionally, the breast pump manual should do just as well.


However, if you care about an electric breast pump, quiet, powered USB cable connected to a power bank, car or laptop, two phases of suction and different power functions, you must see my latest Lansinoh compact electric breast pumpwhich I had the pleasure to test. Thanks to the silicone cover with nice ears, it is definitely the prettiest breast pump I've ever seen.


which breast pump to choose


Lansinoh Two-Phase Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh breast pump has two phases - one to stimulate the flow of food, and the second to download itthat mimic the baby's mouth movements and imitate the natural rhythm of his food intake. We also have a choice five levels of suctionthat we can use when expressing milk. In this way I could better adapt the device to my comfort. Both phases are switched automatically, so I didn't have to wonder when I should go from one to the other. The breast pump also has an automatic shutdown function that is started when the machine is left unattended for 60 minutes. So if I happened to fall asleep or forgot to turn off the device, I did not have to worry - it turned off by itself!


In addition to the breast pump and all accessories necessary for its operation, the set also includes a free power bank.


two-phase breast pump


An additional advantage is warm and nice breast tip, such a silicone cushion that touches our skin - I have never seen one like this before, and allows for a perfect fit.


Lansinoh breast pump tip


It is also very important that Lansinoh offers spare parts and service support, i.e. full after-sales service, also post-warranty, and in practice it means that if you have a need, you can buy any part, hose, diaphragm or whatever you need for the breast pump.


What is not worth forgetting about?

They absolutely needed me lactation pads - as long as I was breastfeeding Maks only, i.e. until the sixth month, I used them every time I went out without him, and I have always known that these Lansinohs are the best in the world!


First, are packed in separate shirts, making it easy to take them with you to work or a walk.


best breast pads lansinoh breast pads


Secondly, they have two stickers - so that the inserts remain exactly in place, saving us stress during the day.


lansinoh breast pads


And thirdly, they have a shape that perfectly fits the breast - they do not stick out, are thin and do not imprint under clothes, and most importantly - absorb well.


lansinoh breast pads



If this is your first time out, you should also take something to change with you. It was not useful to me yet, but it is worth having such an option in the event of a failure, and in practice - just calm your mind.



breast pump layette competition


The functional compact Lansinoh two-phase breast pump with a power bank and a beautiful silicone case with pink ears can be won!

What should you do to take part in the competition?

To continue participating in the competition, simply answer the question:

What equipment to make life easier for every mother?
So you could experience time with your baby even more fully?

I am counting on your creativity - perhaps one has not been created yet and together we will inspire the world to create it 😉
Although today I would like a tumble dryer, which supposedly replaces a self-ironing clothes machine.
And quietly, sometimes I dream about stopping time and… getting enough sleep.

Leave your answer under this post in the comment to Monday 28 January 2019 to 23: 59,
and I will choose and announce the winner to 31 on January 2019. Leaving a comment is tantamount to acceptance Regulations Competition.




Thank you all for participating in the fun, I had a great time reading these sensational ideas and totally dreamed. I liked all the answers and I'm sure that each of these things would make everyday life easier for us all.


When choosing a winner, I decided to refer to our word - signpost for 2019 year, and that's a word RELATIONS.


Because Agnieszka Nand I will ask for such a wardrobe "with a magic passage! We go in and we are wherever we want ”. I would let the children fall asleep in it sometimes, so that Grandma could watch them while they sleep, and we could enjoy the time just for the two of us without running up and down. I would have lunch with my mother today, take the test results to the hospital without leaving home, saving 6 hours, not waste time commuting to work or kindergarten, go for a walk with the children in the Faroe Islands today, and have a coffee in New York tomorrow morning. I would publish the results of the competition today in Texas, sipping tea on the porch with Justyna, watching our children go wild on the swings.


I only wonder if the wardrobe could be moved to heaven - Mikuś and Maks would like to play with their older Brothers and Grandpa, and I could again hug the first man in my life and take my first-born sons in my arms for the first time.


Agnieszka, regarding the delivery of the prize, write to me at

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