Children's room

A children's room, just like an office or the most representative places in the house, deserves to be arranged. Arranging a children's room is not such a simple matter. Both the wishes and dreams of the child as well as functionality should be taken into account. It is worth making peace with the child. When I was a few years old, my parents let me choose the furniture: I opted for pink furniture and a navy blue bed with pink and purple patterns. after a few years of peace, I was fed up, he couldn't grow with me, so I sewed cobwebs to the walls or sewed fabrics around the door to hide it all. Do you want the children's room to be able to be adapted to the age of the child only by changing a few things, without major renovation? You have to think carefully about the solutions you are introducing - so that you do not end up with teenage Agnieszka calling out cobwebs to cover pink furniture ;-)

Preschooler's room, or how to separate functional zones in a children's room

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As the child grows, his needs change, so gradually some of the furniture and gadgets disappeared from St. Nicholas' Children's Room, replaced with elements more suitable for an adolescent boy. And so from our baby's room only the wardrobe and bed remained, and the room evolved into a kindergarten's children's room with separate sleeping, learning and fun areas. I invite you inside.

Children's room metamorphosis

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When a year and a half ago I designed a room for Mikołaj, I did it mainly for myself. It was supposed to be comfortable for me, I was supposed to have everything at hand and perfectly organized. Now that Miki is one year old, the room has started to fulfill new functions, the feeding and nursing room has turned into a playroom and a room for exploring the world, and there is a shortage of places to play and store treasures. Then I started to mumble more and more about the new arrangement ...