Children's room

A children's room, just like an office or the most representative places in the house, deserves to be arranged. Arranging a children's room is not such a simple matter. Both the wishes and dreams of the child as well as functionality should be taken into account. It is worth making peace with the child. When I was a few years old, my parents let me choose the furniture: I opted for pink furniture and a navy blue bed with pink and purple patterns. after a few years of peace, I was fed up, he couldn't grow with me, so I sewed cobwebs to the walls or sewed fabrics around the door to hide it all. Do you want the children's room to be able to be adapted to the age of the child only by changing a few things, without major renovation? You have to think carefully about the solutions you are introducing - so that you do not end up with teenage Agnieszka calling out cobwebs to cover pink furniture ;-)

Yellow-gray children's room step by step

This is the third post in the series: How to decorate a children's room. We get a lot of messages from you asking about what products we used to decorate Santa's room (our room design i our room performance). There are so many of your messages that sometimes you have to wait a long time for answers, so I decided to tell you step by step how our room was created and what materials we used.

How to organize the first sleeping place for a child?

cosleeping sleeping with the child
There had to be a room for a child. Although initially it was supposed to involve giving up the room to work. Both my husband and I work many hours a week from home, yet we were ready to condemn ourselves to the inconvenience of working with a laptop on our lap or on a modest desk in the corner of the kitchen. The room for the child was a dream come true for me, a goal in itself, a combination of interests and desires of a child, passion for creating and decorating interiors. There was also a sleeping plan - from birth in a separate cot, in a separate room.

How to choose a feeding chair?

feeding chair
I spend the last days before the birth of Mikołaj reading all sorts of books on issues related to raising children. Although there are many schools, and none of them suits me 100%, being aware that life will verify everything in its own way, it confirmed my belief that I need a comfortable, secluded place to feed. And most importantly - comfortable - since for the next few weeks, and maybe even months, we will spend in it quickly, counting at least 4 hours a day (feeding every 2,5-3 hours x duration at least 30 minutes). So it cannot be an uncomfortable sofa, chair or bed, on which I personally find it difficult to find a comfortable position to sit. So I started looking for the perfect feeding chair.