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Repair purchases done

office white furniture

Despite the snow and snowdrifts on the road - and this is what it looked like yesterday at around 17 p.m. expressway, category I snow removal, I managed to make my first renovation purchases.

Office renovation - there will be white furniture

office white furniture IKEA
I came up with a brilliant idea and on Friday I put up my birch-colored office furniture for sale, and today I sold a large bookcase and a desk attached to it.

The decision was made - I am buying white furniture!

The configuration will be exactly the same as it is, because it works great for us, but white color will let me go crazy and fulfill my dream of a wonderful, feminine office.
I will also be able to afford gray or powder-pink walls.

Office renovation - ideas and inspirations

birch furniture for the IKEA office

This is our third office, the move itself was a "wasted" time in terms of work, so we did not want to risk the renovation for longer breaks.

However, a lot of time has passed and our office still needs to be refreshed.
However, there is a plan - on March 22, 23 and 24 we will "renovate" - in quotation marks, because it sounds very proud, and we only want to refresh the walls, buy additional accessories, etc.