Children's room

Mikołaj's children's sea room - part #1

We laugh that Mikusia's room was marked by the sea climate after last year's flooding, in which it suffered and was practically furnished from scratch. Do you know that we live by the sea? We can even see them from the windows of our house - admittedly on the second floor, but it's still enjoyable. That is why we decided to invite the sea climate so close to our hearts to St. Nicholas' children's room.

The fact that The favorite and only plush toy that Mikuś accepted to sleep for longer was the whale, so we can say that we created a home for him.

Children's room according to Montessori

montessori children's room

Where did the idea for a children's room according to Montessori come from? We are currently at the stage of preparing our own room for Maksymilian. We decided that the leitmotif will be nature and safari, the room will be decorated in accordance with the elements of the Montessori philosophy. How to do it? And who exactly was Maria Montessori and what are her methods?