Bedroom console

bedroom console

Home decorating is a process that matures with us. I love these little changes, and each of them makes me our home is becoming more and more. Today I wanted to invite you to the next installment of our bedroom, which I supplemented with a beautiful white console To the bedroom.

Christmas decorations in our house

Christmas decorations

Although I was not able to implement all my private plans for December, I'm still very proud of myself, remembering last year's Christmas, which was more like a cataclysm than Christmas - the first of two kids, when we dressed the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve (according to tradition) so that, as a result, Christmas Eve is barely on time, in nerves and bad moods, although I promised myself that it would be completely different ... This year we planned slowing down of pace, calmness, personal development this December, but above all we focused on ... relationships.

5 the best games on the sofa for children - and parents above all

I don't know myself what to say about the 5 entry for children's games on the couch, which made me more lazy: fall laziness, sleeplessness or the cold season that we have here. Here are our favorite games on the sofa, i.e. when the parent does not have to run / fly / swim or sweat, and can even lie comfortably on the sofa - even with two children. Perfect for our cold or children's cold, Christmas morning or afternoon, whenever we dream about not moving anywhere. Here is the 5 of my hits that I always have on hand!