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How did I arrange the wedding office? #5

wedding office

My world is spinning so fast that changes are ahead of my plans, fortunately in a positive direction. Wedding Label is at its best, Courses for a Wedding Consultant also (the next one in 3 weeks in Warsaw) and recently we have expanded our activity also by wedding decorations. You can't hide - a slightly larger office is what we need.

I do not stand still, I am not afraid of new challenges, I do not look back and I give up what fate brings. On this occasion, I wanted to show you my today's Wedding Consultant office, because I will stay here soon ...

Attic home office

You know very well my company wedding consultant office, but the truth is that I also work a lot after hours, whether on a blog or finishing corporate tasks that I didn't have enough time during the day. In every apartment we occupied, regardless of whether it had 32m2 or several times more, always one of the most important pieces of equipment was a work corner. Such a real event, even in the middle of the living room, the most comfortable, two-seater (Wojtek also likes to work at home). And in addition to two computers, which is not difficult to guess, there had to be space for a printer, scanner, my beloved office supplies (I am a fan of notebooks, cards, paper clips, punches or adhesive tapes) for properly organized documents or personal trinkets, giving the whole interior with a personal touch.

How to change a room in a few hours? Wallpapering - DIY or DIY

how to wallpaper

The days when whole apartments were wallpapered, every wall in every room, every room with a different pattern ... However, wallpapering goes back to grace and very often appears in the rooms as one clear element, changing the whole, giving it character. I decided to do this by arranging my latest office, which I am arranging, and I want to show you that wallpapering is not so scary. And the effect? Rate it yourself!