Health in my opinion is healthy food, a healthy lifestyle, natural cosmetics, healthy habits and physical activity, which I am trying so hard for. I try to take care of myself for me, for my husband and for my children. Introducing healthy habits is not easy, but it is not impossible. The key is the method of small steps and regularity. On my blog you will find, among others healthy recipes that we like to use and information about cosmetics that I use and which I advise against. I have already struggled with problems with my skin, hair ... I still try to take care of my health, although with varying results. Check my entries in this topic - who knows, maybe you will need something?

5 healthy habits from which we began to change our lifestyle

how to start caring for health

Until quite recently, before we started thinking about extending the family, we ate absolutely "sloppy", not to say terrible! It was the thought about the Child and the disease in our family that made health a fundamental value for us. Today we know quite a lot about its prevention and natural methods of treatment, but the first steps were very difficult for us. Due to the fact that every even the smallest change that is to bring us closer to a healthy lifestyle is wonderful, I will show you the 5 with which we started our path. 5 changes that were very easy for us to introduce, and from which our appetite for health only increased! Welcome our healthy habits!

Challenge: Healthy, active, happy!

active healthy happy mom

Do you know this feeling? You have a mess at home that you just don't want to deal with at all, but you are expecting guests, so you clean? Or you don't feel like wearing makeup, but you have a meeting planned, so you just wear makeup? I don't mean that we force ourselves to do something to do better, but that we would simply feel bad welcoming guests with a pile of dishes in the kitchenette or going to a meeting in a sautéed version.

And I intend to use this relationship!

5 ways to make coconut oil - cheer!

coconut oil health

Unrefined coconut oil is one of the healthiest things we can invite to our home. I buy the organic one, it is easily available (for example in a good deli). Here are my 5 favorite ways to apply it.

Can I have healthy and beautiful hair?

care thin fine electrifying hair

As long as I can remember, I've only complained about my hair. Because too thin, because the ends are dry, because the ends are split, because they always flop, because they get tangled and the bane of the last months - they are electrifying. I plant them forever and, dissatisfied with the effect of "drowning" (that's what my Grandma used to say), i.e. long, tangled pods, I cut them off. The shorter the better.


And what did I really do for my hair? For the last year? Two? All my life

What's up with this BLW?

BLW Baby LEw Weaning Bobas Likes Choice
As an active #InstaMama, mother of 7,5, my monthly Santa Claus, I get a lot of questions from you about whether we are already expanding our diet and whether it will be BLW. It was an impulse for me to wonder if I really know what it is loved by some, criticized by others BLW? Do I want and feel able to feed my child in this way?