Healthy slimming

Anyone can lose weight. Some do it effectively, others … a little less. The most important thing, however, is healthy weight loss – dieting wisely, sensibly. It is not difficult to lose 10 kg on a backbreaking diet and then put on those pounds quickly, but to lose 10 kg gradually, slowly and effectively, so that they do not come back again. Change starts in the head! Read on for my story of fighting for myself.

Healthy food – a whole day menu for children and families | Winter

Healthy food and a menu for the whole day is not an easy matter if you do not have enough inspiration for cooking. I don’t like cooking myself, but what is not done out of love for my family? Because I like to take care of my boys and what they eat, I invite you to my kitchen where I will share recipes for healthy food for the whole winter day and I will show you how to prepare an exemplary all-day menu, from shopping to breakfast, lunch, lunch and afternoon tea, using a lot of healthy products.