Books accompany us every day: fiction, manners or guides - you will find them in every bookstore. My sons have quite large bookcases in their rooms - we love reading together! If you are wondering what books should be in your library - you've come to the right place! As soon as I have a free moment, I gladly reach for the book. And when I reach out and like it, I want to recommend it further, so on my blog you can find their reviews. Adult and children's book reviews will save you valuable time and money. Which item is worth buying and why? Do not hesitate any longer what to buy here, is it worth it or not. I encourage you to read!

Help! I'am a mother!

imperfect mother parenting blog

You recently became a mom. You look at this picture and you know that you haven't seen such an organized nightstand in months. Not to mention live flowers, because you would not waste time for such stupid things if you can catch up on sleep or on Instagram. You don't remember the last time you went shopping. And I'm not talking about grocery shopping and sprinting around Biedronka. Nor about those when you went out for something for yourself and came back with a net of (often unnecessary) things for the child.

Loves, Likes, SAFES - new series of blog posts!

what to wear a blog

Your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, and you have nothing to wear?

And when you finally put on something, you usually regret all day that you didn't wear something else?

Are you constantly buying something new and still have nothing to wear?

Don't know how to complete clothes sets?

You don't know what cuts are good for you, and what should you avoid like fire?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then this series of posts is for you!

Waiting interrupted

interrupted expectation of miscarriage

This post was written many months ago, but it's only today that I have the courage to publish it. Two years have just passed. The two most difficult and beautiful years of my life. And you know what gave me courage? Meeting with one of you. And words that our blog and our history helped her in difficult times. If anyone in the world in such a difficult situation feels better just because I am sharing my story here, I will say: it was worth it.