Lifestyle - is a broadly defined lifestyle that makes us feel good every day and live in harmony with ourselves. Lifestyle is not only what you can see - such as clothes or behavior. It is also listening to your desires, living in accordance with your ideals, planning activities and making dreams about personal and professional development come true. In my life I adhere to the principle of work life balance, which is very important in my busy life as a businesswoman. I also greatly appreciate the life-changing practice of gratitude. I hope you will discover a wealth of motivating stories and useful tips in the posts on my blog. Let yourself be inspired and find your style!

2015 was a year of change for me ...

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It's amazing… it's New Years again.

Exactly a year ago I was sitting at this time in the hospital bed of our 3-month-old baby, crying and praying for his health and life. It was an incredibly difficult time, but when it passed, instead of enjoying the moment, I was full of anxiety. About everything. For a child, for health, for a job, for friends, for what people will say ...

Today, we have the New Year again, ahead of me next and huge changes, but I am not afraid anymore, so every year ago it was extremely difficult for me to go outside the comfort zone, this year is hope, challenge and great joy for me.

What have I learned from my personal Madame Chic?

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Taking part in the student exchange was undoubtedly one of the greatest adventures of my life. It was 2006, before Paris was even in absolute fashion. When I announced that I was looking for an au-pair job, I didn't know that living with a Parisian family in the XNUMXth arrondissement of Paris would change my life so much.

How do you drag her home?

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Three years ago we did it on our back, two years ago by bus, one year ago by car, but it got the whole headlining dirty and the high heels on the seats showed up in the spring, but this year we did it perfectly!

Christmas table in 3 versions - DIY or do it yourself

Christmas napkin decorations

Today I felt a great desire to bring a festive mood into my home. I did not want to wait for Christmas shopping, so I decided to use… Christmas balls that each of us has at home to make Christmas decorations.

I liked the preparation of Christmas decorations so much that I couldn't decide which effect I liked the most, so I decided to prepare for you 3 views of the festive Christmas table.

Autumn frenzy? I have a way and even a few!

Autumnal depression

Although I train positive thinking every day, I can't deceive my body, which is absolutely not favored by short days and autumn mood drop is contributing. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't fight it. Discover my proven ways to fight the autumn blame.