Lifestyle - is a broadly defined lifestyle that makes us feel good every day and live in harmony with ourselves. Lifestyle is not only what you can see - such as clothes or behavior. It is also listening to your desires, living in accordance with your ideals, planning activities and making dreams about personal and professional development come true. In my life I adhere to the principle of work life balance, which is very important in my busy life as a businesswoman. I also greatly appreciate the life-changing practice of gratitude. I hope you will discover a wealth of motivating stories and useful tips in the posts on my blog. Let yourself be inspired and find your style!

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It's a terrible feeling when I check my email on the phone in the morning and see a great offer or… a problem. I can't enjoy breakfast with my husband or goofing around with Santa anymore. My thoughts revolve around the offer or I am focused on solving the problem as soon as possible. What if I hadn't checked my mail until I went to work?

How do you waste the best years of your life?

how to waste a life

This morning I heard our friend about 60 years old say to Wojtek that she would like to have his years, but her mind ... nothing happens without a reason, so in the morning I was wondering what lessons could be learned from this for me ... What does this Lady know, what we don't know