Lifestyle - is a broadly defined lifestyle that makes us feel good every day and live in harmony with ourselves. Lifestyle is not only what you can see - such as clothes or behavior. It is also listening to your desires, living in accordance with your ideals, planning activities and making dreams about personal and professional development come true. In my life I adhere to the principle of work life balance, which is very important in my busy life as a businesswoman. I also greatly appreciate the life-changing practice of gratitude. I hope you will discover a wealth of motivating stories and useful tips in the posts on my blog. Let yourself be inspired and find your style!

Packing gifts in ... jute - DIY or do it yourself

wrapping presents for jute

Last season, I was preparing wedding decorations in a rustic atmosphere and I had a lot of jute left and so far I had no idea what to use it for. On the occasion of taking part in the Santa Claus Gifts Campaign, I was preparing a gift in the cold climate of Russia, so raw jute seemed to be the perfect accessory for me and I decided to use it for… wrapping gifts.

November Cravings

wish list November fancies blog
I still dream about something, and you can buy some of these things. So it's probably time for another wish list. It was spring, autumn, kitchen ... and now it's time for a personal one.

Christmas is coming - I have a wonderful deal for you

polaroid instax mini blog contest award

I love my blog - and it's all thanks to you.

Holidays are coming, so when I was thinking about the presents I will put under the tree, I couldn't forget about you. That is why I prepared this handout with a unique Christmas gift, which I dreamed about last year. What's this?

Challenge: I will like cooking!

I will like cooking culinary photos

I do not like cooking. I just do not like. But I will try to like it, what the hell.
I also love to eat well and it's a pity, first of all, in my kitchen (literally), and secondly, my palate, that subsequent years are wasted on reheating frozen food.

So I start a series of culinary posts and every week I will want to present to you at least one dish that I dared to prepare.