Beauty ... I am a woman and nothing that is beautiful is alien to me ;-) As probably every woman, I try to take care of myself, the condition of my skin and hair. I pay attention to the composition of cosmetics, both for myself and for my children. I like to test new products (of course with a good composition) to find something for myself, if I know that my beauty will benefit from it. I am also happy to use accessories for hair care - I have already checked a few dryers, straighteners, curling irons ... I like to go to a beautician that will take care of my nails professionally, but I also have hybrid equipment at home and I use it. On the blog, I also show you what cosmetics I use for make-up and how I make up - step by step! Check, read. Maybe I will inspire you?

My way to care for dry hands

Dry hands are such a sign of the last several months. Continuous disinfection or wearing gloves they do not remain without traces. In the summer it comes to that even more strong sun. And healthy hands are beautiful hands. Because if you suffer from dry skin or dull or dry skin on your hands, I have a simple and effective solution for dry hands for you. Get to know my way of home care in 3 quick steps.

My makeup cosmetics in 2020

Step by step makeup

We women have it that if we manage to find the perfect cosmetic, we are reluctant to change it for something else. If it happens that your favorite product is withdrawn from sale or we are looking for a cheaper substitute with equally good quality. I also had to make changes to my beautician.

Step by step makeup

step by step makeup

My step-by-step makeup is the answer to the questions I regularly receive on Instatstory: How to paint? How to do makeup to hide fatigue? How to paint your eyes The truth is that makeup is like a second skin for me and I feel very good in it, but also that I am an absolute amateur of makeup techniques in this topic, which I watched a bit on YouTube. While painting every day for over a dozen years, I have developed makeup techniques that have been proven with me, thanks to which the list of my cosmetics is almost constant, just like the activities that I do everyday.

How to care for a cesarean scar?

The percentage of cesarean sections in Poland is currently (year 2017) 43%. No matter what the reasons are, we must not forget that a Caesarean section is a major surgery, and the scar after a Caesarean section is a souvenir that will stay with us for life. Today I will tell you how to take care of yourself and the scar of the emperor, to ensure the best recovery, fitness and the most beautiful cosmetic effect.