Zakopane - marketplace near Gubałówka

In addition to Giewont, Zakopane is definitely associated with the marketplace near Gubałówka. As a child, I visited Zakopane almost every year. Dad bought me a violin, a sheepskin coat or a vest here, although I always dreamed of these dogs from the Highlands. This is my third trip to Zakopane in '20s' and the marketplace near Gubałówka awakens the warmest feelings in me.

A essay with negative thoughts

how to deal with negative thoughts

I dare to say that each of us sometimes has the so-called worse days. Such when we see everything in gray colors, when we lack motivation and everything seems to overwhelm us.

Since I had to fight with these not the best moments, I decided to share with you my proven ways to return to mental form.
Free yourself from the vicious circle of negative thoughts!

Photographic Challenge for the first time

What the hell, I'm taking part in the first photographic challenge. I was motivated by a coincidence that this morning I tried a new hairpin, which I am very proud of in my case, so the Challenge of the 1 Day came with great ease. Topics are: If you feel like joining - more ...