Breastfeeding is a difficult topic. I myself had a lot of trouble feeding my children. With the first child I had to stop feeding quite quickly, and with the second it was not easy. The fight for lactation is needed, however, because mother's milk is the best thing a newborn baby and baby can get. Problems arise when there is no milk. Or when the child is allergic. Then what? How to handle I was facing a lactation crisis, pain during feeding and forced feeding termination. It was not easy and I know that I am not the only person for whom breastfeeding was not an easy and pleasant story. That is why I decided to describe our stories on the blog.

Lactation crisis

lactation crisis

The lactation crisis can affect us at every stage of breastfeeding. Did you know that according to the data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland in 99,4% of women after breastfeeding start breastfeeding, but after 6 weeks only half feeds?


That is why every single day of breastfeeding is our great victory. Most of us finally give up in the fight for feeding, mainly because we do not have access to the right knowledge, support, help or just a warm word, and even have to fight with loved ones who are young, insecure in a new role moms say that she has "weak milk", that "the baby is hungry" and "treats you like a pacifier" (by the way, it is worth answering the question which came first: breast or a pacifier? ?).


I have always heard about the lactation crisis as the beginning of the milky way and was prepared for it. However, the lack of food after a few weeks of feeding completely surprised me. 

Breastfeeding for the first and second time

breastfeeding pain overlay parenting blog

I was preparing for the first delivery and birth of the child in every possible way. I believe that good organization, knowledge and intuition is an ideal mix that brings us closer to success, minimizes the fear of the unknown and significantly increases our chances of success. That's why I was so surprised how difficult and not natural at all (at least for me) breastfeeding turned out to be.