Breastfeeding is a difficult topic. I myself had a lot of trouble feeding my children. With the first child I had to stop feeding quite quickly, and with the second it was not easy. The fight for lactation is needed, however, because mother's milk is the best thing a newborn baby and baby can get. Problems arise when there is no milk. Or when the child is allergic. Then what? How to handle I was facing a lactation crisis, pain during feeding and forced feeding termination. It was not easy and I know that I am not the only person for whom breastfeeding was not an easy and pleasant story. That is why I decided to describe our stories on the blog.

How to organize a breastfeeding corner?

armchair for breastfeeding

When I was pregnant, breastfeeding seemed abstract to me, to say the least… I couldn't imagine it or wanted it to. However, I knew what a salutary influence it can have on the Child, so I decided to learn as much as possible about it and how to best prepare and organize for it. Immediately after the wonderful workshop "Just a midwife" with Agnieszka Maciąg, who talked so beautifully about childbirth and breastfeeding, I knew that I would do everything to make breastfeeding successful, so I started organizing a nursing corner.

How to choose a feeding chair?

feeding chair
I spend the last days before the birth of Mikołaj reading all sorts of books on issues related to raising children. Although there are many schools, and none of them suits me 100%, being aware that life will verify everything in its own way, it confirmed my belief that I need a comfortable, secluded place to feed. And most importantly - comfortable - since for the next few weeks, and maybe even months, we will spend in it quickly, counting at least 4 hours a day (feeding every 2,5-3 hours x duration at least 30 minutes). So it cannot be an uncomfortable sofa, chair or bed, on which I personally find it difficult to find a comfortable position to sit. So I started looking for the perfect feeding chair.