Reviews of children

Reviews of children? It means? Well, that's it: not everything I review on my blog is reviewed by myself. My children are indescribable and indispensable help in reviewing some things - it is for them and for them. My blog grew out of a parenting blog my sons are the main characters of my blog. When we test children's cosmetics, toys, carriers or prams, their help is indispensable - without them there are no reviews. They help me carry out appropriate tests so that we can together present our opinion about the products or accessories. My children are therefore also reviewers. Check out our family reviews of children and check our opinion about the products you are interested in and make the right choice!

Woven wrap, elastic, mei-tai or ergonomic carrier? Our history

Although we are absolute fans of prams as a means of transport on walks, we always wanted to try scarves, and the colic, sleepless days and nights and very crying evenings meant that when Santa was less than a month old, we decided to make an appointment with a shawl advisor.

How to choose a feeding chair?

feeding chair
I spend the last days before the birth of Mikołaj reading all sorts of books on issues related to raising children. Although there are many schools, and none of them suits me 100%, being aware that life will verify everything in its own way, it confirmed my belief that I need a comfortable, secluded place to feed. And most importantly - comfortable - since for the next few weeks, and maybe even months, we will spend in it quickly, counting at least 4 hours a day (feeding every 2,5-3 hours x duration at least 30 minutes). So it cannot be an uncomfortable sofa, chair or bed, on which I personally find it difficult to find a comfortable position to sit. So I started looking for the perfect feeding chair.