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Baby strollers - tests and user reviews. Cybex Priam, Dubatti One, Easywalker Buggy XS, MACLAREN Twin Triumph, Peg Perego Book Plus, Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip and many more!

Are you wondering what pram will be best for you and your child? No wonder, the choice of a pram can put a huge confusion in the mind of every family, the choice of prams is huge today. That is why we help to go through this important stage, suggesting which functions are worth paying attention to so that the stroller is best to choose and enjoy it not only at the beginning.

What features must you pay attention to when choosing a pram? The weight of the stroller, the length of the gondola of the stroller or the method of folding the stroller frame, as well as the type of stroller seat - bucket or tilting, and even folding completely flat are very important. It is also worth paying a lot of attention to the roofing of the pram - the booth should provide adequate protection against sun and wind. A very important issue is also the comfortable driving of a pram, adapted to your lifestyle.

Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi - stroller year after year

stroller year after year kids kargo

Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi "21" is a double stroller, completed as baby stroller year after year - the set includes a walking seat for an older child and a gondola, which can be changed into a second walking seat for a younger child. Importantly, the double KIDS KARGO strollers are sold also in sets as prams for twins. How did the Kids Kargo stroller for children work year after year during the two-month test?


Easywalker Buggy

Easywalker Buggy Trolley Test Review

Easywalker Buggy is a stroller that has been accompanying us from the first months of Maks's life, we also took her to Rome, where we spent the whole family up to a month, every day using long, often over ten-kilometer walks. How did it work for us?

Cybex Priam

Cybex Priam is said to be a perfect children's stroller, a stroller in which the stars transport their children. To form our own opinion, we decided to test - for ourselves and for you - whether it is really as good as they say about it.

Dubatti One

Dubatti One 2w1 stroller review review reviews

Choosing a stroller for a child is not as easy as it may seem. Not only the toddler's comfort and safety are important, but also the comfort of driving the stroller and its functionality. At Maks's birth, encouraged by positive reviews, we decided on Dubatti One. How did he work with us? Would we recommend it to friends?

Ultralight airplane stroller, that is ... we're going on vacation!

An ultra-light stroller for a shopping trip

Although from our pram Stokke Xplory I am still very happy when we started planning trips with the baby - be it by car or plane, visualizing the whole packing process, there was a need for a travel bag for our stroller or an ultralight stroller when folded, providing the child with comfort and a nap in need when traveling or on holiday walks. On this occasion, I decided to share with you my favorite candidates for the perfect ultralight stroller, which will work well when traveling by car, train or plane, as well as on a daily basis during shopping or quick trips.

Stokke Xplory

stokke xplory reviews

I chose the first stroller because it could fit completely with the luggage compartment gondola, the second stroller because it was functional, though a bit boring, and the third stroller because ... I fell in love!