Memory can be fleeting. Fortunately, there is photography. It's a wonderful - and accessible to practically everyone - way to keep time in the frame. What to photograph? How not only to tell a story with the camera, but also to convey emotions? I am happy to share my experiences with you! I love photography and I'm actually a self-taught photographer. I really like to stand behind and in front of the lens. Due to the nature of my work, photos are an indispensable part of my life. Recommending a photographer to my newlyweds, business sessions - it's also my job. And on the blog? Similarly: children's photography, interior design, spontaneous shots and professional photo sessions. All this is my passion and it can become yours!

4 Generations of Women

Justyna has long dreamed of a photo session "4 generations of women", in which she wanted to take part with her daughter, mother and grandmother. But when she asked me to take these photos, I admit that I wanted to refuse ...

10 months of Mikołaj - children's photography

children's photography

I wrote to you recently that photography has joined my passions. So every month I do Mikołaj our small home photo session to print a beautiful album after a year and a souvenir of how our miracle developed month after month, and I polish my workshop on the subject of children's photography.

A few days ago I began to prepare to write a post for you and how step by step Santa's room was created. It turned out that it was the perfect opportunity to do Santa's sessions on the occasion of 10 months. This time Wojtek was the special guest. I have several frames for you.

Double photo session for Mother's Day

baby photography mother's day
The first Mother's Day with Mikołaj in her arms was very reflective, which I wrote to you about herebut of course it was also a fantastic opportunity to continue learning photography. This time I decided to deal with the subject together with my friend Justyna, who recently also decided to start her own blog. This session turned out to be a challenge, because this time we were to stand in front of the objectives together with our two children.

Mom with a camera

mother with camera children's photography
Although for the activity on the blog I can give myself a penny with an exclamation mark in the last six months, I managed to keep in touch with some of you thanks to Instagramowi. Because recently my interests revolve around photos.