Do you read reviews before buying? Especially if you have to spend a lot of money? I'm sure you do. Hardly anyone buys blindly, and I am also a supporter of researching the topic before reading the opinion. That's why on my blog you can find reviews of strollers, car seats, toys, books, cosmetics ... Maybe you'll just be looking for verified opinions? I try to be factual, specific, without beating the bush and honest. If something does not suit me, it bothers me, then I write about it. If a solution surprises me positively and I am particularly satisfied with a product or functionality, then I will also write about it. I conduct various, various reviews. For you, to know what is worth and what is not necessarily.

6 favorite makeup cosmetics for less than 50 PLN

best makeup cosmetics blog

Ever since I can remember, I love to paint. If I were to take only one cosmetic with me on vacation, I would be wondering whether to choose a foundation or mascara. I even covered my lashes until I was born! Such a small change, an underlined eye, and I immediately feel more feminine!

I have been painting myself for over 10 years and during this time I managed to test a lot of colored cosmetics in various price ranges. Today I will share with you my list of proven cosmetics that I use every day, the more valuable that each of them you can buy for less than PLN 50!

Pregnancy necessity

must-have for pregnant women

I do not like the term "truck" and I think about the topic of this post for the longest time. Because although pregnancy - especially in recent months is a really heavy burden - it is so sweet!

Here we go - here are the things that definitely make my functioning during pregnancy easier:

Glossybox - special edition - Say yes

Glossybox Say Yes
I said "yes" for the first time over 3 years ago, and the second time in early October. Fortunately, the same person twice.
On a slightly different occasion, but I had the pleasure to receive and test the well-known Glossybox from the special edition - wedding - "Say Yes".

We test - Cleaning - Cillit BANG Active Foam

Cillit bank test

As I thought about the name of my blog, I considered titles like:
"I don't like cooking", "I don't like cleaning, cooking and washing", "A very imperfect housewife" ...

So, as you can guess, I don't like cleaning (although I like to have it cleaned;)) that's why I am very inclined to use any inventions that can help me take care of order less frequently or lightly.

Of course, I was captivated by the Cillit BANG Active Foam advertisement - Osady z Mydła i Prysznice.
I went, I bought it (PLN 19,99, not a little ...) and test it on my bathroom faucets.