Wedding consultant

On the wave of the film "Say Yes!" with Jennifer Lopez, many women wanted to become a wedding planner. But how to become a Wedding Consultant - Wedding Planner? What does a Wedding Consultant actually do? Is a Wedding Consultant a seasonal job? Where to get knowledge and experience? How to start in the profession of a Wedding Consultant? How to open your own wedding agency? You can find answers to these and many other questions on my blog. Being a Wedding Planner is not only my job, but also my passion. It is an increasingly popular profession in our country and around the world. Being a Wedding Consultant is also not easy - it is good to have a number of qualities and skills to be able to provide services at the highest level.

Work tools of the Wedding Consultant

wedding consultant work

Behind me a very busy week away. From Wednesday to Saturday I was in the wonderful Pakoszów Palace, where we met as part of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, of which I am a member. It can't be hidden, but my thoughts revolve more than ever before about professional plans, which is why the post on the tools of work of every wedding consultant fits my mood perfectly.

Wedding Consultant - own brand or franchise?

franchise wedding consultant

A wedding agency is a company that apparently has a low market entry barrier. It's enough course, laptop, telephone, car, company registration in the Office and head on the nape of the neck (detailed equipment of the position of the Wedding Consultant will be prepared in the next post) That is why so many wedding agencies are created each year, but unfortunately almost two more end their activities.