Woven wrap, elastic, mei-tai or ergonomic carrier? Our history

Although we are absolute fans of prams as a means of transport on walks, we always wanted to try scarves, and the colic, sleepless days and nights and very crying evenings meant that when Santa was less than a month old, we decided to make an appointment with a shawl advisor.

The next available date was in about 2 weeks, but in the meantime our community midwife called us with an invitation to her childbirth school, where the counselor taught future mothers babywearing as part of the classes, and we could join and use.

During the classes, first of all, we debunked all the myths about carrying a baby, both those related to bad habits (the famous "don't wear yourself because you get used to it") and the dangers of carrying a child (spine, hips, slipping out of the scarf). Then, after reviewing all possible miracles for babywearing - from hangings in which we absolutely do not carry babies, through woven, elastic, wrap-mei-taie, soft mei-tai carriers, to soft ergonomic carriers and various strange hybrids.

I immediately fell in love with mei-tai, but of course Mikołaj was too small for them, so we started learning how to wear a woven scarf, of course under the guidance of an instructor. Finally, we rented a scarf to take home and that is how our wearing adventure began, which continues to this day.

woven wrap blog

Wojtek liked the woven scarf very much, and under my supervision he tied Santa Claus closely several times a day. Especially at the beginning of the adventure with babywearing, it is important to control each other and verify the binding results, because they can be different.

On the other hand, I couldn't get along with the woven scarf. I had no problems with tying, but when I saw her, I just didn't want to struggle, tie and tighten a five-meter “piece” of material ... so it was mainly Wojtek.

So after 2 weeks, I decided to return the woven wrap and borrow a ring sling. It seemed to me extremely easy to tie and wear, but I couldn't be more wrong! The tying was neither easy nor… comfortable. I used it only a few times and kept looking.

Coming back to the wrapping classes, I remembered tying a scarf, which, although long as a woven scarf, was easier and, above all, faster, and the baby was put into a ready-made tying. After watching the instructional videos, I knew that we would love each other and decided to buy my own elastic scarf. My quick choice without much market analysis fell on the Tula company and in a moment I was waiting for it like on high heels, because Mikołaj was experiencing the apogee of abdominal problems, Wojtek went on a business trip for the first time after his birth, and my hands were dry from wearing, my spine he refused to obey, and when Mikołaj cried, he cried. So we both looked for the courier.

She came. Rachu ciach instruction and binding. It did not take a few minutes, and Santa fell asleep. In a moment I mastered putting it into the bed without waking up. Even if he didn't sleep long, I felt safe knowing that our closeness could soothe him. My hands became free again, and my spine quickly thanked me for this change.

elastic band black tula
elastic band black tula

When Santa began to weigh about 7-8 kilograms, the elastic scarf was no longer so comfortable for us: while it worked at home, it felt noticeably springy during walks. So I borrowed an ergonomic carrier from my friend, which was more convenient for us to put on, not to mention putting the baby down after falling asleep. As soon as Santa started to sit up, I decided to buy a double-sided mei-tai, which was built exactly like a borrowed ergonomic carrier, but instead of short belts fastened with buckles, it had long straps for tying. We decided on such a solution due to the fact that we carry it together, and there is a significant size difference between us - in order to avoid adjusting all buckles to the wearer each time. Mei-tai was made to order for us, and the panel is made of our piece of fabric that alludes to Mikołaj's room.

Mei-tai pathi soft carrier

Wearing allowed us not only to soothe the pain, but also the fear of the Child, and also allowed us to be absolutely close. It turned out to be a great pleasure for our whole family. Confused, cuddled, we felt relieved. Everybody. When Mikołaj grew older and we started using mei-tai, Grandma also wore it. A wonderful sight of an older person (sorry, Mom) believing in your intuition, giving up their habits, breaking down and trying a new one, for the sake of your child.

Today Mikołaj is 9 months old, the baby carrier still helps us to discharge our emotions after the whole day. Usually, he falls asleep literally in a minute, sometimes even before we tie the belts, and sometimes we carry Santa around the room, and after a few minutes he lets us know that he has “hugged” himself, that he is ready to go to his crib, where he falls asleep himself. When he suffers from painful teething, cuddling with one of us allows him to find relief. When it turns out to have too much experience on a long walk, I sometimes take the baby carrier out of the shopping basket and carry it. The carrier also helped us get into the rhythm of the day. But I will write about it later.

For us, being together through wearing seems to be a cure for all evil. And how is it with you? You wear? You have carried? Or maybe you just want to try?

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