What really gives me happiness and what do I want from life?

Getting ready to go back to work was a difficult time for me. There were many decisions waiting for me, many ongoing projects, and still not enough time to comprehend it all. I felt overwhelmingly depressed at the thought of returning to all my duties, adding to them a regularly run Blog and a lot of new ideas, all with 30% of the time I had two years ago.

So how did I find balance in my life?

Having a child is not possible for me to work 12 or 16 hours a day. Firstly, because I can't (too often) have a night if I want to get up at 6 and go to work where I have to be focused and effective. I can't sleep off a broken weekend because my Child gets up between 5:30 and 7 am. Always. No mercy. And I must have the strength for him to play, hug, jump, nurture, cook ... A little creativity would also be useful.

I approached this challenge purely analytically and mathematically and ... created a table.

I wrote there all the projects that I lead or want to run in my life and I assigned to them values ​​such as:

  • the level of happiness they give me (indicated by a number between 1 and 5)
  • the level of stress they give me (determined by a number between 1 and 5)
  • the level of money they give me or absorb me (for example, work gives and hobbies absorb)
  • the time they absorb
  • the perspective they give me (for example, a hobby develops and is a source of enormous satisfaction, improves my skills; a new project in the long run may start to bring income, although today it requires a lot of investment ... or a loss of oh oh).

It sounds complicated, but I multiplied it all by myself, divided it by stress, which I try to minimize as part of my plans for a long healthy life, and taking into account the labor-intensive and time-consuming nature of my work, it turned out to be what I will be doing until the end of the year.

I will not accomplish many things that I have been planning for a long time, because unfortunately my day does not want to stretch (I tried), but… I got rid of those terrible remorse! I have a plan, and it makes me feel safe. I know that I have analyzed it well, I have a scheme of action on the basis of which I chose and implement what gives me the most satisfaction in life while maintaining the revenues that are necessary for me to tighten the budget.

I set aside sentiments and whenever I feel sad that I do not just open a company dealing with wedding printing (I did a lot of work and expenditure in this direction before pregnancy) or I do not finish another photography course (dream) I remember my table (or Wojtek for me reminds me how I start to linger) and I know that from the available resources such as time, skills and money I get the most out of life and it is as effective as possible!

If, like me a few months ago, you do not know how to run your life further, sit down and complete the table! You will distance yourself, coldly assess your resources, possibilities and chances and ... with new energy, without remorse, you will move forward!

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  • 09.10.2015

    "Exel, she will always tell you the truth";) I like your approach.
    It seems to me that the main "blocker" of our actions is - emotions. That is why Exel is the best tool to achieve your goals.

    • 10.10.2015

      You are definitely right! Often, when I start to feel unpleasant feelings and emotions in connection with my decisions, I remember the table and I feel better immediately. Without her, unpleasant feelings would probably be messing with me much longer.

  • Mrs.Barron

    I feel better immediately after reading this post ... I am glad that we are not alone in the world of combining, planning and tabulating! xoxo

    • 09.10.2015

      Some order needs to be developed in this chaos 😉 I keep my fingers crossed for you: *