Black kitchen

black kitchen

Black Kitchen and Agnieszka Kudela - I did such a poll for Instastory and over 80% of people voted that it was impossible. I am not surprised at all - when browsing through my interiors on the blog or Instagram, you can see that they are connected primarily by the fact that they are both bright and full of light. And now ... I have a black kitchen - can you believe it? How did this happen?


Our office is very male and female, not only because it belongs to a man and a woman, but also because two very different companies operate here.


One is very feminine and deals with organization of weddings, and it is not known from today that it is women who have their hearts beating faster at the sight of all these ribbons, veils and beautiful boxes for wedding rings ... Therefore half the company is very feminine and is the seat wedding agency Wedding Studios, the the other half is more masculine, dominated by interactive agency Brainbox. It is true that the gentlemen do not work here, because we also have women in the group, but Brainbox has a more masculine approach to the world, which does not mean that it is worse. We laugh that Brainbox is - nomen omen - the brain, and Wytwórnia Ślubów - the heart. Everyone must feel comfortable in this office: both pink and lace topics and their guests, as well as programming, important tasks and their guests.



Therefore, we looked for inspiration for a long time and had to do in many rooms difficult stylistic choicesnot being sure where they will lead us. It was good to have my friend Architect on hand - Ewelina Balcerzak, who runs the studio, helped us BS Studio.



As you already know, in our home and my personal officewhich we also show on this blog, there is ubiquitous whiteness and wood additions. These interiors are undoubtedly rather feminine, because my husband Wojtek almost completely gave me the baton in decorating the house. However, when it comes to the office, it is an office focused on compromises in making decisions.



We wanted these rooms to be intertwined with the male and female elements, and everything to have an interesting character, stimulating our creative team and great clients to work.



You have already seen my office, and today I would like to show you our ... black kitchen.



Black kitchen


We started with the selection of cabinets and we both thought about their color for a long time - in the end, the choice fell on black fronts. Initially, we wanted to order them to order when it turned out that Ikea had released the black Kungsbacka kitchen fronts, made of recycled materials.


We really like these creative use of waste, everything in the spirit of zero waste, which is especially close to us. We believe that such a purchase is a brilliant way to support this eco-initiative, and the effect of these black fronts is extremely industrial - we liked it very much.



Once we chose the fronts and decided that it would be a black kitchen, we began to think over the colors of the walls. We quickly came to the conclusion that we would like it to appear on the walls floated concrete. Unfortunately - it turned out to be a very difficult undertaking. Three attempts were made to apply concrete: the first time it turned out terrible, the second time it came out a little less terrible, but it was still an effect we were not satisfied with. Finally, a third specialist showed up, who managed to arrange the mash properly and the effect is exactly what we wanted.



In addition, we knew ours The kitchen in the office is his heart, it is the meeting place and integration of our team. However, the niche for the kitchen is not large - therefore, we decided to focus on high bar table.


Until now, it has always been the case that a few people sat at a low table, a few people stood, those who were sitting felt uncomfortable and wanted to get up right away. The bar table solved the problem.


In addition, we bought two stools - for those who, however, will want to sit down because they have a worse day, because someone is pregnant because he came on roller skates and his legs are burning, because he just wants to sit. Then he sits down and is still at the height of those who are standing at the table and talking. We chose the option bar stools without backrest, thanks to which unused stools can be easily hidden under the table and this is the option we use most often.



It is here that we celebrate all birthdays, name days and we celebrate our successes. This place is perfect for our small cocktail hours, when there is some kind of super time to celebrate. And we like to celebrate 🙂



Above the gray table top, to emphasize the industrial character, we decided to hang it very a simple pendant lamp Markslojd Skyin which we fastened bulbs with an interesting filament inside. Such a bulb also illuminates nicely in the evening, and the warm shade of light is well associated with the warmth of a home hearth and relationships that we strongly focus on in our company.



Due to the fact that the table top is not used in the office for cooking, cutting, etc., we could afford the lighting above the table top to be only decorative. There was a lamp here Markslojd Shelf, made in the form of a wire shelf, also with a matching bulb, quite old-fashioned, which fits perfectly here. Of course, you can put something on the shelf - we put the letter B, because the agency is called Brainbox, and in weddings we always have a plan B 😉 - this letter perfectly reflects us!


Of course, this light would not be enough, so we wanted to focus on the most practical lighting. We decided on a strip with reflectors Markslojd Barcelona which can be directed to the places we care about. So we chose points that illuminate the countertop, table and other important elements in the kitchen.



Another important thing in our black kitchen is kitchen countertop - imitation of concrete. We like that it is in the color of the walls thanks to that we achieved a minimalist effect of visual order. It is an Ikea countertop - we also have one in our house, and we cook a lot and it works great, so we knew that it would fit perfectly here too.




In our office, we focus on bringing home meals with youso there had to be a place to heat these dishes. We are not fans of microwave ovens, but if there is sometimes a shortage of time to stand at the stove or one of the employees wants to heat a meal in a different way, we put on an oven with a microwave function and this solution works brilliantly.


We also bought induction hob for those who would like to reheat a meal that cannot be preheated in an oven. It is a record stovebecause it is the least used equipment in our kitchen - such a small plate is completely sufficient for our needs.



It also stands on our counter Coffee machine De'Longhi Maestosthat each of us can operated from your phone. Strictly speaking, each of us is able to choose and save your favorite coffee in the machine. So we have the Chef's Coffee, Important Customer's Coffee, etc. Everyone can choose their favorite beans, coffee temperature, coffee strength or the amount of milk froth. Our coffee machine is actually our assistant who remembers what who likes the most 🙂



In the kitchen, we have a very nice tap with a hose end that can be pulled out, so we can, for example, pour water into the coffee machine without removing the container from it.



In the cabinets, we put on drawerbecause it is easier to open the drawer and take out your favorite mug than to open the cupboard and reach the mug from the stack. This solution is so much better because, as you may have noticed, we have no upper cabinets. This is our deliberate choice - we wanted to lighten this interior optically.



The trash cupboard is the only cupboard, not a drawer. We have scheduled here water purification system so that drinking water does not have to be filtered in jugs, as we are doing now. We haven't chosen this system yet, but I'll let you know when we choose. Or maybe you recommend us a proven solution?



We completed the whole with a few flowers, bottles with ecological washing-up liquid and soap and a sink in a color as close to the countertop as we found, all to make it visually disappear on this countertop, making the black kitchen even more minimalist.



We don't have a fridge yet, we are thinking of a cool, designer onemaybe black, maybe some other cool color. At the moment, we keep drinks in the office part in a small refrigerator for drinks that you can see, for example, at the cash register at a gas station.


And here is the kitchen in all its glory:



How do you like our male-female black kitchen?

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